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That’s Not My Dog

The joke’s been on us a few times this year already – – but in this case, you’ll actually enjoy the punchline! It’s rare that a movie will have you in stitches for its entirety, so that’s where “That’s Not My Dog” stands out from the crowd of super-heroes, supernatural beings and world wars.

As Australian as a soggy steamed dim sim , with a concept more unique than most pages that cross Screen Australia’s desk, Dean Murphy’s “That’s Not My Dog” rounds up some of today’s finest Aussie comedians as they test out their gags on one another.

The setting is a BBQ, held at the country homestead of Shane Jacobson, where a bunch of the actor’s famous friends – including Paul Hogan, Jimeon, Tim Ferguson, Ed Kavalee and a sequence-stealing Michala Banas – and father Ron Jacobson share jokes over a beer, wine and some good old Aussie music. From the cute to the appreciably silly and outright gut-busting, there’s a brilliant mix of funnies told.

“That’s Not My Dog” not only showcases the nation’s brightest comedians and gut-busting laughs, but the best in local music as well. Adam Brand, The Black Sorrows, Russell Morris and more provide the soundtrack for the film, providing a very pleasant break between comedic takes.

The result isn’t for everyone – it’s radically different to the standard traditional feature, and plays some like like a cross between a documentary and TV comedy special – but for those that love a decent joke, and are particularly fond of some of the performers, it’ll definitely tie your laces.

More so, in this day and time, with the world a rather crazy, sad and worrying place right now – it’s the movie we need right now. A couple of hours of laughs, with friends, is the perfect medicine for the ailment that can be life.

“That’s Not My Dog” might not set up the joke to the titular punchline, but you’ll hear plenty of classics that’ll go down well next time you’re at the local. You’d be barking mad to miss Dean Murphy’s ode to the great Aussie joke, it’s undoubtedly one of the funniest films you’ll have seen in years!

Director: Dean Murphy

Shane Jacobson, Paul Hogan, Michala Banas, Jimeoin, Christie Whelan, Paul Fenech, Lehmo.


86 mins


You'd be barking mad to miss this one!

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