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You can’t kill Jigsaw: reports of Saw 9 in the works

Nothing in Hollywood is ever final, as past “Saw: The Final Chapter” and then the follow up “Jigsaw”, lives a chapter 9. Our friends at Bloody Disgusting have sources that say that “Saw 9” is in active development with writers Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger currently working on it.

“Jigsaw” was a box office success, leaving Twisted Pictures with little doubt that another instalment was worth it.

Currently it’s just an early report, so no word if it’ll be a sequel to “Jigsaw” or “Final Chapter”, or some other twist – prequel, something brand new or something in the middle.

The directors of “Jigsaw”, Michael and Peter Spierig, are not to return, but no word on who would take the chair.

If the pig mask returns, though, I’m automatically up for seeing it. I will have to round up a group that will take me to the cinemas though – who’s in?!

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