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Noah Jupe to play a young Shia LaBeouf in Honey Boy

I want to congratulate this young man for scoring his next feature role, but as Shia?… oh god, good luck.

Noah Jupe, who starred in the recent John Krasinski hit “A Quiet Place”, has nabbed the role as a young Shia LaBeouf in “Honey Boy”, a biopic on the trainwreck’s life. LaBeouf has penned the script under his alias Otis Lort, and will also be playing his own father. Lucas Hedges is also on board the film.

“Honey Boy” tells, in a roman-a-clef style, a story about LaBeouf’s relationship with his father at two different stages in his life: as a young boy starting out as an actor and a young man with a burgeoning career. “Honey boy” was the nickname given to him by his father.

Hedges will play an Even Stevens-era LaBeouf. Jupe will play the actor at an earlier stage. Alma Har’el is directing the project as well as acting as one of the producers. News via THR.

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