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Cobra-Kai : New Interviews, Footage, Shue cameo rumor

The latest sneak peeks and rumors for “Cobra Kai”

As we inch closer to a big Crane Kick kick-off from YouTube Red’s “Cobra Kai” series, every Blackberry-carrying (they do carry them still, right? They did before I left for space, anyway) publicist… and Larry, the photocopy boy who is currently on ‘pitch the D list press, too’ duties, are pimping out the stars of the “Karate Kid” sequel series for promo appearances (Larry, of course, doesn’t get to place Ralph Macchio with any press, but he does apparently have some slots available with the Bonsai Tree). This week’s showiest appearance from a cast member would seem to be Ralph ‘Daniel LaRusso’ Macchio’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where he was assigned the task of kicking a bag of crap. And Anthony Mackie figured into the scenario too. But Mackie wasn’t the bag of.. anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Macchio’s appearance on The Tonight Show :

Macchio also sat down for a chat with the amiable Mr. Fallon, revealing that the bandana he was wearing in the aforesaid skit is the same one he wore in the original 1984 flick :

The regularly-updated “Cobra Kai” socials also got busy today, leaking some fun quotes from bad-good-good-guy-lucky-guy Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and a new dojo-centric promo. Here’s that :

“Cobra Kai” premieres at Tribeca in a couple of days, and there’s also a sneak peak of the first two episodes in certain theaters soon after that, but the rest of us have to wait until May 2 to check the whole thing.

One nugget that’s come out is a possible appearance by Elisabeth Shue as LaRusso’s original flame, Ali.

Here’s a piece of an interview Forbes did with Macchio and Zabka in which the cameo is hinted :

ST: Is Cobra Kai a one-off or are we looking at this as the start of something bigger?
WZ: Absolutely something bigger. The ending of the first season is really the turning point. If this was a script, this would be page ten of the story and this is where it all starts to happen. Season one is really setting the stage for a long run. Well, for as long as people are interested.
RM: We are hoping to do this for many seasons. The arc is really a film cut up into 10 half hour parts but the stage is set for more, absolutely. That’s the plan.
ST: William, you mentioned Elisabeth Shue earlier. Can we expect to see her show up at all?
WZ: Well, you have to sign into YouTube Red to find that answer out but she’s certainly a big part of Johnny Lawrence. The origin of The Karate Kid was really a fight over a girl. She’s a part of Johnny, I can tell you that much.
RM: Everything is on the table and everything is being discussed. There will be surprises peppered throughout and hopefully, moving forward, even bigger and better ones. It all depends on how the stories drive forward and in what direction.
What other surprises does “Cobra Kai” have in store?

Well, here’s 10 moments from the pilot script that we can reveal you’ll see- nothing too spoilery here, but nonetheless if you want to walk in surprised, don’t read this :

Here’s 10 things we know about the new “Cobra Kai” series :

1. Life has turned out peachy keen for Daniel (Macchio). He has a big time office job, top home, perfect family.

2. Like any good half-hour series, most of Dad’s dilemmas revolve around his kids. In this case, it’s eldest girl Samantha – who has started to date – that’s causing Daniel to sweat the most.

3. My Myiagi? Mentioned from time to time. Daniel uses his stories to spur dinner-table conversation and show off those skills he learnt back in Peter Cetera’s heyday.

4.Daniel’s friends (and, from what I can gather, ’employees’) at work, Anoush and Vic, seem to think they’re the voice of reason – particularly when it comes to parenting.

5. Johnny Lawrence, Daniel’s old foe, is down on his luck. Cleans septic tanks. Mistaken for a homeless man at one point he’s that desolate. Look at what you did Kreese!

6. Johnny’s not as out-and-out ‘mean’ now. He’s more ‘just leave me the f*ck alone” than ‘i’m going to beat up whoever is under that shower curtain’ these days. Suggesting he does have a heart under that belt, we’ll see that he does help those in need when they need a helping… kick.

7. The Valley has a new ring of bullies, notably ‘wrestler’ Kyler and his thug brothers. Naturally Johnny and his old Cobra Kai pals are ‘jokes’ to these young punks.

8. Kyler’s dating, of course, Samantha Larusso.

9. Johnny teaches local bullied convenience store clerk Miguel self defense at the newly recommissioned Cobra Kai. Over the course of the episodes, one expects it to expand in clientele and start to resemble the institution of it’s glory days.

10. Karate hasn’t got the best name in ‘the valley’ these days. Johnny in particular thinks it’s become somewhat of a joke – and become more about showponies and media personalities flexing their bits and bobs on TV – than a legitimately cool way to impress Elisabeth Shue. Part of the reason he wants to resurrect Cobra Kai, obviously.

“Cobra Kai” premieres May 2 on YouTube Red.

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