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Big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Long Walk in the works at New Line

New Line Cinema is working on a film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “The Long Walk” (originally under the alias of Richard Backman), with James Vanderbilt working on the script. The studio also adapted “IT” for the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vanderbilt will also produce with Bradley Fischer and William Sherak. Mythology Entertainment is the company behind the project and the company’s Tracey Nyberg will executive produce.

First published in 1979, Long Walk is set in a future dystopian America ruled by an authoritarian. The country holds an annual walking contest in which 100 teens must journey, non-stop and under strict rules, until only one of them is still standing alive to receive the prize. The story told of a 16-year-old walker named Raymond Garraty and the teens — some good, some bad, some mysterious — in his orbit.

Vanderbilt and Fischer have been working on the adaptation for a long time, and being big fans of the book have been keen to bring it to the big screen. And we all know that King’s work generally means a successful run – so could be a good bet!

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