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Tremors TV series cancelled; cast and crew react

”I’m sure SyFy had audience concerns for not picking up Tremors to series. Too captivating?”

With Kevin Bacon back as Valentine McKee, the creators of the complex horror classic “Cube” were shepherding the project, and today’s woody for nostalgia, you’d think a TV series based on 1990 cult classic would be a no-brainer pick-up. Seems not.

According to Bacon, who developed the show with big-timer Jason Blum of Blumhouse Prods, SyFy has opted not to pick up the pilot for “Tremors”.

The story, written by Andrew Miller (“Cube”), would have focused on McKee — now an alcoholic with a hero complex — returning to Perfection, Nevada to put a stop to the Graboids once and for all. It was reported a few days back that Bacon’s original “Tremors” co-star Fred Ward might even be returning for the series.

Miller took to Twitter to vent his frustration. Reading between the lines, he’s optimistic another network might pick it up.

Director Vincenzo Natali says he’s “baffled” why the series wasn’t picked up.

Good news for Michael Gross though, who will ostensibly remain employed indefinitely thanks to Universal’s determination to keep pushing out cheap direct-to-video sequels to “Tremors”. The latest, “Tremors : A Cold Day in Hell”, was released a few weeks back.

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