Interview : Seth Carr, star of Breaking In

Fresh off playing the younger version of the villainous character KillMonger in “Black Panther,” ten-year-old Seth Carr has no time to waste – he’s in the upcoming film “Breaking In,” and he’s also working on two cable shows.

In between all this, Carr generously gave some time to Moviehole to talk about getting into character and how he’s so busy — one of his hobbies is taking naps and no wonder.

Moviehole: How did you get into acting and decided you liked it? 

Seth Carr: I’ve been acting since I was three years old, I got into it with my mom knowing people in the industry.  I started with print, then things weren’t going so well when I was a baby, that’s when the commercials, TV shows and movies started to build up. I really like acting — acting is getting stuff out of your body and becoming different characters and using different emotions. 

Moviehole: Do you have an acting method? 

SC: I just get mad, sad, freaked out! I took those moments from my little ten-year life and think about that to help me get into character and acting. 

Moviehole: What was your biggest challenge about acting in “Black Panther”? 

SC: The challenge for me was trying to act how Michael (Jordan) was acting in the scene; I was thinking about how he would look, how he would talk and try to do the same thing.  It was easy to connect and I saw how he reacts to things with his facial expressions, where I could put back in the scene what I’m doing. 

Moviehole: Were you a little star struck? 

SC: It wasn’t intimidating. Everyone was a person, they have two lives and like they’re the same as us and I get that they’re in it (stars). I’m kind of star struck because they are really big, but acting together they are the same as you.

Moviehole: Are you coming back in the sequel? 

SC: I don’t know if I’m coming back as the character. 

Moviehole: Please talk about your new upcoming film, “Breaking In”? 

SC: It gets released on Mother’s Day. It’s a movie about people coming into my grandfather’s house, he had passed away so we were coming to move out his stuff and sell the house. So we’re going there, and there are men we did not know who were going to be there and we discovered they were mad and kept us hostage while our mother tries to save us. It was really cool, working with Gabrielle (Union).

Moviehole: How about your cable shows, Nickelodeon’s “Knight Squad” and Amazon’s “Bosch”?

SC: I have a reoccurring role on “Knight Squad” – it’s really upbeat on set. Because it’s a Nickelodeon show, it’s very peppy.  In “Bosch,” I’m more dramatic on that.

Moviehole: Who are your acting idols? 

SC: Viola, Chad, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita.

Moviehole: Who would you like to work with? 

SC: Probably Denzel Washington, he would be great to learn off of. And it would be cool to work with Steven Spielberg

Moviehole: What are your hobbies?

SC: Basketball, video games? And taking naps (laughs). 

Moviehole: What are your goals?

SC: Becoming more successful and having enough money, then I’m going to invest in property to buy land. 

“Breaking In” with Gabrielle Union will be released by Universal Pictures on Mother’s Day.


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