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The X-Files is finished – and it’s not Gillian Anderson’s fault!

It’s actually everyone’s fault but hers.

There won’t be a twelfth season of “The X-Files” – not at this stage, anyway. That’s according to Fox network co-chairman and CEO Gary Newman who on this morning’s call with reporters confirmed that Mulder and Scully have retired.

While many will be quick to point the finger at series star Gillian Anderson, who publicly announced her departure from the series at the end of the last – eleventh – season, let’s first look at the facts : Though a ratings juggernaut in its heyday, the “X-Files” of the last couple of years just wasn’t anywhere near as popular – or arguably as good – as the original. That was seemingly evident pretty early on when most dyed-in-the-wool fans expressed disappointment with the revived version, with many viewers ultimately dropping off. This last season, for instance, only managed half the viewers that season ten did.

Anderson herself pointed that out to TVLine’s Michael Ausiello today :

While the brand itself will never completely go away – expect some sort of reboot in the coming years, I imagine – we might have seen the last of the Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate unit. Series creator Chris Carter told TVLine last year that he imagines “The X-Files” will be back at some stage.

“I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be more X-Files, in some shape or form. I think there are lots more stories to tell and ways to tell them. I’m leaving this as a giant cliffhanger, and Gillian has announced that she’s not coming back. Hard-core X-Files fans know there have been no real endings on the show.”

Having said that, don’t expect Chris Carter to be involved in a new “X-Files” that doesn’t feature the original duo.

In response to Anderson’s exit, Carter told Collider in January that “I think if it were without Scully, I wouldn’t do it. That’s not my X-Files.”

And with that, the boat sailed. Again…

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