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Damon Wayans breaks his silence on Lethal Weapon co-star Crawford

And how many episodes will season 3 consist of?

It’s been a big week for Fox’s “Lethal Weapon”, what with series co-star Clayne Crawford getting pink-slipped in favor of Seann William Scott.

Now mainstay Damon Wayans, who plays Roger Martaugh on the WBTV produced series, has broken his silence on the situation – essentially claiming Crawford, who had been reprimanded by his on-set behavior numerous times, got what he deserved. According to the actor, Crawford was not only unpleasant to work with, he was dangerous to be around.

Wayans speaks of one incident in which he was injured during a scene Crawford directed.

Meanwhile, while “Lethal Weapon” has snared itself a third season -it won’t be a typical 22-episode run. According to Deadline, the new season – the first for Seann William Scott – will consist of a safer 13 episodes.

Says the site, “I hear the unusual order is believed to be a way for Fox to hedge its bet on the risky reboot. Changing a co-lead on a show could go either way. On today’s upfront call, Fox chairman Gary Newman gave NYPD Blue as an example of a show, which went through a lead replacement in Season 2 after star David Caruso exited and went to have a long and successful run with Jimmy Smits as a replacement. But there are also examples of a different outcome, including the recent female lead replacement on the CBS comedy Kevin Can Wait, which was rejected by viewers.

Everybody at Fox and Warner Bros. TV is hoping Lethal Weapon 2.0, starring Damon Wayans as Murtaugh and Scott as what is believed to be Riggs brother, will work. The short order is just an insurance policy for the network, which didn’t have much say in the matter.”

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