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Netflix may give newly-unemployed Kiefer Sutherland a job

Things move pretty fast in the world of TV

After NBC let it go, Netflix ostensibly showed immediate interest in continuing Kiefer Sutherland-starring political thriller “Designated Survivor” on its streaming service.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix, which is the international SVOD home for the Entertainment One political drama, might be giving the show a new home.

If a deal can be made – and it’s complicated because Hulu has the deal to show the first two seasons – the third season would likely air on Netflix sometime next year. There would be some changes though, in particular the show would go on with a new showrunner, with Keith Eisner (”The Good Wife”) not involved in the potential Netflix rebirth.

And, of course, if “Designated Survivor” does continue that would potentially mean Kiefer Sutherland wouldn’t be able to return to Fox’s new incarnation of “24”.

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