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Comic Book Movies : The Eternals, Ms. Marvel, Tom Cruise, Deadpool 3

Matthew and Ryan Firpo will bring Jack Kirby’s “The Eternals” to life on the big screen

Matthew and Ryan Firpo will bring Jack Kirby’s “The Eternals” to life on the big screen. Marvel Studios are pinning the title, which debuted in 1976, its next franchise. In the comics, the saga of the Eternals began millions of years ago when the cosmic beings known as the Celestials genetically experimented on humans, creating the super-powered and near-immortal beings and a more monstrous off-shoot known as the Deviants. The two races moved behind the scenes throughout human history while also engaging in Game of Thrones-style cosmic powerplays. (THR)

The “Deadpool 2” team of Ryan Reynolds, director David Leitch, and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were asked about the chances of a second sequel. While they’re all pretty certain it’ll happen at some stage, Reynolds said he’s currently “too exhausted” to think about a second sequel to the 2016 hit at this stage. Reese and Wernick had a more definitive answer, claiming that the focus is currently on the upcoming “X Force” movie – which Reynolds and his “Deadpool 2” co-stars begin filming this October. “We took great pains to try to set it up in this movie at the end,” the duo said of “Deadpool 3”. “So I think you’ll have some nice combination of those characters that you see at the end of this movie forming X-Force.” (Variety)

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says Pakistani American superhero Ms. Marvel could be on the way to the big screen. “We’re doing ‘Captain Marvel’ right now, ‘Captain Marvel’ is shooting right now with Brie Larson,” he said. “Ms. Marvel, which is another character in the comic books – the Muslim hero who is inspired by Captain Marvel – is definitely sort of in the works. We have plans for that once we introduce Captain Marvel to the world.” (BBC)

Tom Cruise, who was at one stage keen to play Tony Stark in “Iron Man”, isn’t ruling out playing a superhero on the bigscreen. The “Mission : Impossible – Fallout” star was asked whether co-star Henry Cavill has tried to coax him into joining the superhero universe. “No, we haven’t talked about that, actually. You know, there’s always another mountain in anything, in anything. I’ll never say no if I find something that’s interesting and I think an audience would like to see it and they’ll be entertained by it, and I feel like I could contribute something to it.”

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