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Trailers for CBS’s new Magnum P.I, Murphy Brown

Well, at least “Magnum” has the same theme. Sigh.

CBS released trailers for its new fall series for 2018, including the revival of “Murphy Brown” and straight-up remake of “Magnum P.I”.

Magnum P.I

This is a modern take on the classic series and stars Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum, a decorated former Navy SEAL who, upon returning home from Afghanistan, repurposes his military skills to become a private investigator in Hawaii. Watch this Fall on CBS.

Murphy Brown

As we move toward the series’ 30th anniversary, the revival will offer fans a look at how Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) tackles the current state of cable news, clickbait, and a very different political and cultural climate. Original cast members Faith Ford, Joe Regalbuto, and Grant Shaud will also reprise their roles as Corky Sherwood, Frank Fontana and Miles Silverberg, respectively. In addition, actor Jake McDorman will go head-to-head with star Candice Bergen (Brown) as her son, Avery, a millennial journalist who followed in his mother’s headline-making footsteps. However, the traits they have in common – like a competitive spirit and quick wit – might be the same things that cause friction between the two. Watch this Fall on CBS.

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