Billy Dee Williams prepping for Star Wars : Episode IX?

The original Lando might be returning to the series.

While Rian Johnson couldn’t find a worthy-enough spot for him in last year’s “The Last Jedi” (though he did briefly consider having Lando be Benicio del Toro’s DJ), if the actor’s new lifestyle changes suggest anything J.J Abrams might have found a spot for the legendary Billy Dee Williams in “Star Wars : Episode IX”.

The 81-year-old actor has started dieting and working out, according to the MegaCon Orlando Twitter. Considering both Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill did the same thing, shortly before shooting their work on the recent “Star Wars” films, there’s the possibility that this might mean the original ‘Lando’ is back for the final instalment of the current “Star Wars” series.

The tentatively titled “Star Wars : Episode IX” begins shooting in July.

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