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Ryan Reynolds for Spider-Man director’s next!?

Producers are reportedly scouting for a female lead.

Ryan Reynolds is rumoured to be headlining Sam Raimi’s “Bermuda”, according to That Hashtag Show.

The “Deadpool” star is mooted for the lead role in a film that centers on the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious island and a missing nuclear submarine.

When a massive submarine carry nuclear weapons goes missing in the Bermuda Triangle, Commander Vogel enlists the help of Dr. Fisk (Likely Reynolds) a theoretical physicist, who while using his grandfather’s research opens a wormhole to reveal a mysterious island that is inhabited by anything lost in the triangle including Sharks, Vikings, and Nazis, in the hopes of finding the nuclear weapons.

Producers are reportedly scouting for a female lead.

The Skydance Productions’ flick, Raimi’s first in five years, was written by John Gatniss.

The film aims to begin production in September ahead of a 2019 release.

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