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Younger Batman being cast for The Batman

Which would mean Ben Affleck is no longer involved.

Not surprisingly, considering the push-pull game Ben Affleck has been playing with the studio, Warner Bros has opted to make the long-gestating “The Batman” somewhat of a prequel movie, featuring a younger version of the character Affleck played in “Batman vs. Superman” and “Justice League”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, writer-director Matt Reeves’ script – which was originally written to be a vehicle for Affleck to reprise his Batman – now features a younger version of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Recent rumors also suggested that the villain of the film will be The Penguin. Earlier drafts were said to feature Deathstroke -which Joe Manganiello was attached to play – but it’s unknown whether the character still has a role to play in the new libretto.

Affleck won’t have to go on benefits though, he has to enough to keep him busy – Gavin O’Connor sports drama “The Has-Been”, J.C Chandor’s “Triple Threat”, and he’s also onboard to star in and direct a feature based on Agatha Christie’s “Witness for the Prosecution”.

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