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Breaking Bits : Creed 2, Sicario 3, Evil Dead 2, Spamalot, Crypto & more!

Plus TV updates on “American Horror Story”, “The Flash” and others!

Cheo Hodari Coker (“Luke Cage”) wrote the “Creed” sequel and in a new interview with Slashfilm, discussed the motivation for this particular story he’s telling :

“It’s about the legacies of sons haunted by their fathers. Even though Drago is alive, his son is haunted by him because Drago is a broken man who is trying to rebuild himself through the son. Apollo Creed isn’t broken but because Apollo died, Adonis Creed is still haunted by his father’s death and how it defined him, what it is it means now to be a champion. He’s aspiring to be a champion but also at the same time trying to figure out who it is he is. Particularly with Bianca, particularly also because he’s got Rocky who at this point becomes the new Mickey.”

A second sequel to “Sicario” is already in the works, with Taylor Sheridan back on screenplay duties, says producer Trent Luckinbill in an interview with Screen Rant :

“We were so thrilled that people responded to the first one and we felt justified in making a second because we loved it. (Laughs) We probably are the biggest fans of the movie. And we feel that way again. Obviously, even more than the first one, we kind of leave off a little teaser at the end. Yeah. And we would love to kind of see, you know, this was always in the back of Taylor’s mind, and we loved it, and we thought, God, it would be great if we could get there. I think we’d like to do that now. I certainly feel like the second one lived up to the expectations.”

Michael C.Hall and Boyd Holbrook have joined the science-fiction thriller “Moon” at Netflix. The Jim Mickle-directed film fixes on two detectives nutting out a strange series of murders. (Collider)

Benedict Cumberbatch and Peter Dinkage are being sought for the feature adaptation of the stage musical “Spamalot”. According to ThatHashtagShow, Cumberbatch would play King Arthur, Dinlage would be Patsy, and Tiffany Haddish would play the Lady of the Lake.

Danielle Nicolet and Hartley Sawyer have been upped to regulars on “The Flash” for the upcoming fifth season. Nicolet plays Joe West’s missus, Cecile Horton, while Sawyer plays Ralph Dibney aka The Elongated Man. (Deadline)

James Corden is joining Melisa McCarthy in sci-fi comedy “Super Intelligence”.McCarthy will play the lead role of Carol Peters, a former corporate executive whose earnest, yet unfulfilled, life is turned upside down when she is selected for observation by the world’s first superintelligence (Corden) — a form of artificial intelligence that may or may not take over the world. (Variety)

Kurt Russell, Beau Knapp, Alexis Bledel, Luke Hemsworth, Jeremie Harris and Vincent Kartheiser have joined money laundering thriller “Crypto”. The John Stalberg-directed feature centers on a young anti-money laundering agent (Knapp) tasked with investigating a tangled web of corruption and fraud in his remote New York hometown, where his father (Russell) and brother (Hemsworth) are struggling to maintain their family farm in a changing economic landscape. The agent quickly finds himself enmeshed in a dangerous underworld populated by a mysterious art dealer (Bledel), a crypto-currency enthusiast turned cyber-sleuth (Harris) and a corrupt accountant doing the bidding of ruthless clients (Kartheiser). (THR)

Fede Alvarez says he’ll direct a sequel to his “Evil Dead” (2013) if Uruguay wins the World Cup.

The next season of “American Horror Story” will be a crossover between ‘Murder House’ and ‘Coven’.

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