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David Ayer to direct Shia LaBeouf in Tax Collector

First up, let me say that I should probably be banned from writing any article that involves Shia LaBeouf, but here we are.

David Ayer, director of “Bright”, is set to direct gritty indie crime thriller “Tax Collector”, and had reportedly begun pre-production on the film – which he also wrote.

Ayer will direct in Los Angeles over the American summer, and the film will star Shia LaBeouf and Bobby Soto. At this stage, the plot is being kept under wraps but that doesn’t matter – let’s just focus on the fact that someone gave LaBeouf a job!!!

The man who once walked a red carpet with a bag over his head, the man who apparently can’t attend any kind of event without ending up in cuffs and the man that consistently shit talks every production that he appears in, despite them being the reason his name is in the papers to begin with. If he can get a job, anyone can.

News via Deadline.

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