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How High getting a sequel

MTV and Universal 1440 Entertainment have teamed up to bring a sequel to 2001’s stoner classic “How High” – which will be non-theatrical. The original film starred Method Man and Redman.

According to Deadline, the update, written by Artie Johann and Shawn Ries, will see two young but business-savvy stoners embark on a pot-filled odyssey through Atlanta to find their missing weed, only to uncover a vast government conspiracy.

The film is set to shoot in Atlanta later in the American summer.

The original film was written by Dustin Lee Abraham and directed by Jesse Dylan, and starred Redman and Method Man as two underachieving pot smokers who, after smoking a batch of marijuana they had fertilized with the ashes of their deceased friend, ace their college exams and end up at Harvard University.

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