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Sequel Updates : 9 to 5 sequel, Spider-Man : Far From Home, Wanted 2

Jane Fonda, Cobie Smulders, Samuel L.Jackson and Timur Bekmambetov in the news

9 to 5 sequel

Jane Fonda will serve as an executive producer on the sequel to the ’80s hit, and reaffirms that she and original co-stars Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin “are all intending to be in it”. For now though, the “On Golden Pond” star will serve “as an executive producer, and I’m working with the writers, with Lily, and talking to the writers.” (/Film)

Spider-Man : Far From Home

Looks like we can expect to see both Nick Fury (Samuel L.Jackson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) in the upcoming “Spider-Man : Homecoming” sequel. Numan Acar, who is reportedly playing the Chameleon in the movie, appears to have revealed that Hill’s returning while Jackson has hinted on his socials that he’ll be back as Fury. (MovieWeb)

Wanted 2

Timur Bekmambetov’s “Wanted” will spawn a sequel, says the filmmaker. And how would the new film be different from the 2008 film? “The Fraternity now, if it exist[ed] today, I’m sure would be in [the] digital space,” the filmmaker tells SyFy. “They can get messages, the names from some hackers … they will use blockchain to set up the assassinations. We live in a different world now. In [the] 10 years from 2008, I am sure our world is not about guns or explosive materials anymore. It’s about the information, it’s about the big data, blockchain, dark web, cryptocurrency. It’s where we live now. Guns still exist, but are more like fables. [They’re] not dangerous anymore.”

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