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Trailer : Venom

A new – and much more appealing – trailer for Sony’s “Venom” has been released.

The “Spider-Man” spin-off (which may or may not feature a cameo by the web-slinger) looks to be a rather terrifying but fun horror movie as opposed to the light, comic booky adventure that Jon Carr’s “Spider-Man : Homecoming” was.

The trailer gives us a good glimpse into Eddie Brock’s (Tom Hardy) struggle with juggling two lives (one as an investigative journalist, one as a Symbiotic host), particularly where it comes to his love life – with ex-girlfriend Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) still, understandably, making his defected heart go pitta-patta. We’ve also a look at Riz Ahmed’s evil Dr. Carlton Drake.

“Venom” sticks onto screens October 4.

For those that missed the previous trailer, that’s here.

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