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Where Are They Now? Charlie Sheen edition

Welcome to the first edition of “Where Are They Now?”, a new column brought to you by KT, where I shall investigate the whereabouts of people that have seemly dropped off the map.

This week we look at Tiger-Blood, #Winning, trainwreck among men (or at least two-and-a-half of them) – Charlie Sheen.

The once big star infamously fell from grace in spectacular fashion, getting fired from “Two and a Half Men”, and the producers killing off his character with no remorse. He then had a long run of playing the character of “himself” in a bunch of TV shows, followed by a stint on “Anger Management”. Sheen spent a good time in rehab, spent some more time abusing people, and has also pitched an idea to reboot “Two and a Half Men” – so clearly the guy’s nuts.

He’s since “starred” (I use that word very loosely) in some real shitters – I’m talking worse than “Scary Movie 3” … 4 and 5 too, for that matter. His last film was in 2017, titled “9/11” in which he played a character stuck in an elevator during the World Trade Center attacks. And no – it was NOT based on a true story. It was made up, around the actual attacks. And also starred Whoopi Goldberg. The mind boggles. What’s even worse that the crass story, the abhorrant acting and the actual lack of point to the film, is that Sheen himself has been quite vocal about 9/11 being a so-called conspiracy. Hmmm.

Regardless of his success in former days, Sheen is now a self-declared “financial crisis”, noting that he’s having a rough time paying child support for 4 of his children. You read that right – 4 OF his children. He has a total of 5, from 3 different women. There’s 2 with Denise Richards, twin boys with Brooke Mueller, and a 33-year-old daughter with ex Paula Speert – of which he doesn’t need to pay child support, though if I were her I’d be claiming money for the trauma of having Sheen as my father.

Sheen has reportedly, according to People Magazine, filed requests to modify his child support payments, because (and I quote) he’s: ““been unable to find steady work, and [has] been blacklisted from many aspects of the entertainment industry.”

Oh this is becoming better than the Shia LaBeuof chronicles – and everyone knows I like a good chunk of that.

Further to his “dire financial crisis”, Sheen has a number of debts, leaving him with less than $10 million to his name – oh the horror! For the record, I have approximately 33 cents to my name so I think the bloke can ease up on the sympathy vote. His debts include a pool and gardening service – both “past due”.

Before you feel too sorry for him, remember that the guy has a Beverley Hills mansion that’s listed for just under $10 million – so I don’t think he can cry “financial crisis” just yet, as he could probably still comfortably pay off my car loan – which cements him as rich in my book.

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Thanks to People for the story.

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