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Reboot news : The Facts of Life, Baywatch, The Twilight Zone, Dr. Quinn

A new coat of paint and it looks brand new – right?

The TV climate for 2018 is marked by one particular trend : a flood of reboots and revivals from past hits.

And it’s not stopping at this fall’s “Murphy Brown” or “Magnum P.I” or the upcoming “Charmed” redo, either, tinseltown are still ravaging their vaults for old classics they can sprinkle with fairy dust.
Here’s a few new updates on some reboots coming our way – some more definitively happening than others.

The Facts of Life
A reboot of ’80s hit “The Facts of Life” – you’ll recall it starred Michael J.Fox’s then-girlfriend Nancy McKeon – is in early stages at Sony Pictures TV, with Leonardo Di Caprio’s Appian Way, producing alongside Jennifer Biel’s Iron Ocean Films. No confirmation from the studio yet or details on whether any of the original cast will be involved. (Deadline)

Fremantle Media is remastering all 242 episodes of popular ‘Hoff’ starring series into HD and are looking to license the series to broadcasters around the globe. In addition, they’re toying with the idea of resurrecting the series for modern audiences, should the repeats prove popular. (Deadline)

The Twilight Zone
CBS All Access have confirmed that Jordan Peele’s reboot of the TV classic will head into production soon. The 10-episode season will shoot within the next couple of months. (Deadline)

Dr Quinn : Medicine Woman
Jane Seymour says she’d be open to doing a reboot of the CBS series. (Deadline)

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