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Where Are They Now? Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks

Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack! Oh man, who DIDN’T love “The Mighty Ducks”?! Don’t even answer that, I don’t want to know which of you don’t have hearts.

Remember Goldberg? The kid who was the goalie, and was big enough to cover nearly the entire goal anyways, making him good at the sport by default? He was played by kid actor Shaun Weiss, and since “The Mighty Ducks” came to an end, we haven’t heard much from him.

He has had a bunch of TV stints since “The Mighty Ducks”, but nothing as significant as the 3 movies from the early ‘90s.

Until now, of course. He’s back! But not in a good way. Oh Goldberg, the mighty have indeed fallen hard. The now 38-year-old has been busted for public intoxication in California, and his mugshot is nothing else but spectacular, and everything you could hope for out of a mugshot.

This is Weiss in 1996:

And now check his mugshot from earlier this week:


The actor was arrested a year ago for possession of meth, as well as getting a 150-day stint in jail for stealing stuff from an electronics store. He only spent 12 of those days in jail, but his manager had hoped the jail would scare him straight. Alas, that doesn’t seem to have worked.

I for one am hoping for a “Mighty Ducks” reunion, and I want them to keep Goldberg’s story true to Weiss’. CAN YOU IMAGINE.

In all seriousness, I hope he can get his shit together. Goldberg was life.

Thanks to TMZ for the amazing new background on my phone – oh I mean story. Yes.

On a completely random, NSFW note: does anyone know if there’s been a porno called “The Mighty Fucks”? Someone needs to get on that.

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