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The Player sequel in the works, says writer

Could Tim Robbins return?

Michael Tolkin’s “Return of the Player”, a so-far literary-only offering to Hollywood haha and expose “The Player”, is headed to TV.

Tolkin’s original, the story of a studio exec (Tim Robbins) that gets caught up in a murder concerning a struggling screenwriter, was made into a 1992 movie by Robert Altman (and featured a who’s who of Hollywood at the time – including Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Whoopi Goldberg and Burt Reynolds).

Speaking to /Film, Tolkin revealed that his 2006 sequel in being adapted over at Warner Bros Television.

“We’re actually developing a series based on it for Warners Television,” Tolkin said. “That’s in the early stages.”

In the book, “It’s Griffin 15 years later and he’s down to his last six million dollars and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do,” Tolkin said. “He’s in a panic about his future.”

While the late Altman obviously wouldn’t be involved, Tolkien said it’d be a “dream” to have Robbins reprise Griffin Mill.

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