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Moviehole, created by Clint Morris, has gone on to become one of the world’s most popular movie news websites, with millions of regular visitors  recorded each month. The site has become a regular go-to outlet for exclusive movie news,  honest and credible movie reviews, and interesting celeb interviews. In addition to the millions of film fans reading world-wide, many celebrities from the world of film, television and music are known to read the website.  The website, owned and operation by Morris in conjunction with his firm  October Coast Publicity and Publishing, has been mentioned in several leading mainstream print publications, on Television and radio including Crikey, Triple M, The Daily Telegraph, Showtime Movie News, and The Herald-Sun.



Clint Morris….. editor (AU)

Katie Crocker… editor (U.S)

Mandy Griffiths…. co-editor

Ashleigh Davies… assistant editor

Carly Dennis… associate editor – reviews

Lauren Douglas….executive editor-features

Mike Smith…  reviews editor

Drew Turney…co-editor

Hugh Humphreys… staff writer

Suzannah Pearce… staff writer

Sandi Hicks… staff writer

Lisa Carroll… staff writer

Colin Moore… staff writer

Alicia Malone… staff writer

James Lee Kennett… staff writer (UK)



Moviehole has offices in both Australia and America.


Contact : Clint Morris (Australia), Kate Crocker (U.S) for editorial inquiries

ContactSabrina at Crave Media for advertising inquiries


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