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Moviehole MailBag – 26/04/07 »

Now 20% Fat-Free! Got a Question for Clint to answer? Wanna make a comment on something? Then drop us a line Letters From Danny : Hey Clint (and Moviehole Familia).. ever get the feeling that most "Movie Fans" these days are Hypocrites? "The industry is shit!" ... "No more Sequels!" ... "Originality is Dead" ... [...]

The Weeksly Late Edition – 13/04/07 »

Channel 9 pick up the rights to Bill Paxton’s new show!

Moviehole MailBag – 12/04/07 »

A quick one while he's away... Got a Question for Clint to answer? Wanna make a comment on something? Then drop us a line Letters From Pat : Hey, love the site! So I was just wondering if there was any news on the new college movie that Richard Linklater is directing? Is it a [...]

Ask A Celeb : Kam Heskin’s Answers! »

The star of "The Prince and me 2" and the upcoming "Prince and Me 3" You may have seen her in "Catch Me if You Can", possibly even "Tomcats" and/or "Dirty Love", and I know a lot of our younger viewers know her face from "The Prince and Me 2" (she'll soon be back as [...]

The History Boys (DVD) »

“History Boys” tells the story of an unmanageable class of bright, funny history students in pursuit of an undergraduate place at Oxford or Cambridge. Their headmaster enlists an astute novice (Stephen Campbell Moore) to coach them. Over the course of the next month or so, the relationships between the teachers and the students come into [...]

Interview : Nadia Bjorlin »

Star of the high-octane actioner "Redline" Most probably know Nadia Bjorlin from either her work on TV soapie “Days of Our Lives” or for those unremitting “Wonder Woman” rumours that have her placed in the Wonder-bra. Now, get ready for Nadia Bjorlin – Rev-Head, as she stars in the high-octane actioner “Redline” opposite Australia’s Nathan [...]

New American Pie sequel announced »

This one sounds like "Revenge of the Nerds" A direct sequel to last year’s “American Pie Presents : The Naked Mile” is in pre-production in Toronto. The new pastry-puffed outing is called “American Pie Presents : Beta House” and it again stars “Naked Mile” quartet John White, Ross Thomas, Jake Siegel and Steve Talley. Producing [...]

Marker for Death »

Steven Seagal's next movie Back from his European music-plug showcase, Steven Seagal’s looking to get back to doing what he does best – breaking necks and taking numbers. The actor – still apparently mulling over a possible “Under Siege 3” – is set to star in “Marker”, set to lens in Southern Connecticut next month. [...]

Joel Edgerton to lead Acolytes »

"Smokin' Aces" and "Kinky Boots" star as a killer Aussie superstar Joel Edgerton (International audiences probably know him from either "Kinky Boots" or "Smokin' Aces") is set to play a 'killer' in the new local thriller, "Acolytes", says News.com.au. The film - about three teens trying to blackmail a murderer-- is still in the development [...]

More RSVP for Bachelor Party sequel »

Now filming in Florida A few more names to add to the ever-escalating cast of Fox’s direct-to-DVD “Bachelor Party” sequel – “Bachelor Party : Electric Boogaloo”? “Bachelor Party : Reloaded”? “Bachelor Party : The Revenge”? “B2 : Judgement Day”? – which is now in production in some beachy sun-drenched location in Florida. Joining star Sara [...]

Moviehole MailBag – 05/04/07 »

No!!!!! Gillian, No!!!!!!!! Got a Question for Clint to answer? Wanna make a comment on something? Then drop us a line Letters From Sal Gomez, Southern California, Drive-in Movie Society, Visit www.socaldims.com : We thought some of your readers might be interested in attending this on Saturday... The Southern California Drive-In Movie Society would like [...]

Duff NOT onboard Emancipation of Jonny »

No truth to online rumours suggesting she is There's a few rumours circulating around the web that Hilary Duff is in talks to star in a new Australian film, "The Emancipation of Jonny". We had the chance to talk to Duff's local PR arm who kindly debunked the whisper. Hilary Duff's publicist, Karen Griffin has [...]

Mr. Applegate suits up for Prom Night »

Hot on the heels of his bravura turn in um, "Road House 2" Remember Jonathan Schaech? He was the sleazy guy with the strawberries who tried to de-pantie Winona Ryder in "How to American an American Quilt"; He was also the studly lead bandie in "That Thing You Do!" and more recently - you probably [...]

O’Toole having Christmas in Canada »

Based on a Thomas Kincade painting Comeback King Peter O'Toole (nominated for an Oscar this year for "Venus") is in final talks to star in Lionsgate's "The Christmas Cottage," a feature based on the Thomas Kinkade painting, says The Hollywood Reporter. The film will be directed by Michael Campus, and production is scheduled to begin [...]

Scott looks forward to August »

Actor joins Josh Hartnett for 9/11 movie Adam Scott, best known for his roles in the films "The Aviator" and "The Return", has joined the cast of Austin Chick's new drama "August". The film, starring Josh Hartnett; Rip Torn and Naomie Harris, fixes on two brothers trying to keep their start-up financial company afloat on [...]

Small Soldiers sequel in the works »

Will Gregory Smith and Kirsten Dunst return? Only a week or so after the scribe of the first film, Adam Rifkin, told us that there’s no real movement – as far as he knew- on a “Small Soldiers” (1998) sequel, The Hollywood Reporter busts in with a different answer to that question: Seems there is [...]

24 movie scrapped »

Originally planned to go into production this year According to Crave Online, the “24” movie has been scrapped. Series star Kiefer Sutherland was quoted as saying that the producers have decided to abandon the movie project for the meantime. Apparently doing the show and the film at the same time was just going to be [...]

Seventh Heaven gets the axe »

Twelve months too late for "Everwood" fans Our friend Kristen at E! Online has announced that the ‘should’ve-been-axed-years-ago’ long-running gush-fest “Seventh Heaven” is about to get the chop. Pity they didn’t see fit to axe it last year…. “Everwood” - a much better series, in my opinion - might still be on the air. “Folks, [...]

Anderson talks X-Files sequel »

Chris Carter's lawsuit with Fox is over For those that didn’t guess it – it’s mirthful to see that some of the news wires like this one here, here and here have taken it as gospel. That’s what they get for not clicking through on that carteresque.com link hey? Lazy so-and-so’s – our “X-Files” sequel [...]

Becker doing Link, Wild Hogs 2 & Old Dogs »

Disney's found their new Robert Stevenson! He’s given them their biggest hit since well, “Pirates of the Caribbean 2”, so it’s a no-brainer that “Wild Hogs” director Walt Becker’s been hired to chalk-outline another film for the House of Mouse. He'll direct “Link”, says Variety, an action adventure comedy about a paleontologist and maverick scientist [...]

The Groomsmen (DVD) »

For a flick that runs just over the 1.5 hour mark, “The Groomsmen” is well worth your time to take a look at. If you’ve stayed a fan of Burns over the years, this is going to just add to your catalogue in the form of another great film from him Edward Burns, Donal Logue, [...]

The Passion of the Catwoman? »

Jim Caviezel starring in new film from Pitof It probably goes without saying that Jim Caviezel will never top his performance as ‘Jesus’ - "Superman" was pretty the closest he would've gotten - but who would’ve thought “The Passion of the Christ” would be his last ‘major’ movie of merit? It’s damn looking that way. [...]


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