Ashley Hillard

  • Movie News
    Ashley’s Review : Angels & Demons

    "It could’ve been overall a bit pacier, but its quite a thrilling ride"

  • Movie News
    Ashley talks to Christian Bale!

    About the highly-anticipated "Terminator Salvation" and more...

  • Movie News
    Holy Smokin’ Aces, is this B.A!?

    "The A-Team" may have found it's Baracus! Who could it be!?

  • Movie News
    Nudity in Terminator DVD?

    Moon Bloodgood's infamous topless scene to premiere on home video

  • Movie News
    Worthington talks Green Lantern

    Has had talks with Martin Campbell about donning the tights

  • Movie News
    Ashley talks to McG!

    About "Terminator Salvation", "Terminator 5" and "20,000 Leagues"

  • Movie News
    Christian Bale talks Batman 3

    Actor keeping tight-lipped about the inevitable super-sequel

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    Barbra Streisand : The Concerts [DVD]

    ''All and all, a must have for any Barbra fan''

  • Movie News
    Ashley checks out Earth on DVD!

    Reeves "Earth Stood Still" remake hits DVD and Blu-Ray

  • Events
    At the Star Trek Press Conference!

    With Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Bruce Greenwood and Karl Urban

  • Movie News
    Abrams talks Star Trek sequel

    "The good news is that there’s a deal for the writers and a deal for the actors"

  • Movie News
    Ashley’s Review : 17 Again

    ''I feel like I've seen ''13 Going on 30'', wait no ''The Family Man'', wait no ''17 Again'' before''

  • Interviews
    Exclusive Interview : Joe Wright

    Ashley Hillard talks to the filmmaker about the new drama starring Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx

  • Exclusives
    Exclusive : Dano on Wild Things

    And updates on the "Gigantic" star's upcoming projects

  • Movie News
    Ashley chats to De Line and Hamburg

    About their box office hit "I Love You, Man" as well as "Jetsons", "Little Fockers" and "Green Lantern"

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    Ashley’s Review : The Informers

    ''It seems the story just wasn't there - too many characters and too many storylines without an actual cohesive story being told''

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    Sherman’s Way

    ''Director / producer Craig Saavedra should teach a class on how to economically make a theatrically releasable film''

  • Movie News
    Ashley didn’t love Watchmen!?

    Our resident female reviewer says its "a waste of time and money"

  • Movie News
    Moviehole chats to Friday scribes

    About the remake, "Freddy vs. Jason", and their new film with Joel Schumacher

  • Movie News
    Nispel talks upcoming projects

    A film in the vein of "Rosemary's Baby" may be his next film

  • Interviews
    Interview : Jared Padalecki

    "Supernatural" stud Jared Padalecki is again fighting off monsters - or rather, one particular monster - in the Michael Bay-produced remake of "Friday the 13th". Ashley Hillard caught up with the actor in Los Angeles.

  • Movie News
    Ashley Vs. Jason!

    Our first review of the new "Friday the 13th" movie!

  • Interviews
    Exclusive Interview : Bruce Campbell

    Talks to Ashley Hillard about his riotous new comedy, "My Name is Bruce"

  • Movie News
    Garcia has Last Detail 2 update

    Whatever happened to Todd Robinson's "Last Full Measure"?

  • Movie News
    Ashley’s Just That Into Justin Long’s latest!

    What does Moviehole's resident film reviewer say about the new pic?


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