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D23 : Muppet, Old Dogs »

Muppet Movie Title Revealed; Travolta surprise appearance!

D23 : Carol, Double Dare »

Zemeckis previews footage; del Toro announces project

D23 : Persia, Apprentice »

Jerry Bruckheimer presents footage from both!

D23 : Pirates 4 Title! »

And a release date announced!

Moviehole at Disney’s D23 Expo! »

Live from Disney’s D23 Expo in Los Angeles, California!

Ash talks to Marc Fienberg »

Writer/Director of the new comedy “Play the Game”

Ashley talks to Meteor’s Jenny! »

Mimi Michaels also appears in the upcoming “Gamer”

El Dorado [DVD] »

”Maybe not a must see, the film is worth seeing for Mitchum’s scenes”

Lookin’ to Get Out : Extended Version [DVD] »

”Hal Ashby’s 1980 film about a deadbeat dad in Vegas is not a great film, but his struggle with Paramount over the final cut makes it an important one”

Ashley voyages to the Black Lagoon! »

Experiencing Universal Studios’ Latest Attraction

Megan Fox »

In addition to getting the juice on the robots-in-disguise follow up, we chatted about her upcoming projects “Jennifer’s Body” and “Jonah Hex”.

Ash takes the new Universal Studios Tour! »

The media ride the tram for the first time since the Fires

Adam »

”It is great to see Fox Searchlight make an interesting independent film and I hope they continue to do so, this one just happened to miss the mark”

Marlon Wayans talks Scary Movie 5 »

At the press day for Paramount’s surprisingly funny “Dance Flick”

Ashley talks to theTerminator stars! »

“Salvation” stars Yelchin, Bloodgood, Dallas Howard & Common

Ashley’s Review : Terminator Salvation »

“Schwarzenegger’s cameo is one of the film’s few highlights”

Ashley’s Review : Angels & Demons »

“It could’ve been overall a bit pacier, but its quite a thrilling ride”

Ashley talks to Christian Bale! »

About the highly-anticipated “Terminator Salvation” and more…

Holy Smokin’ Aces, is this B.A!? »

“The A-Team” may have found it’s Baracus! Who could it be!?

Nudity in Terminator DVD? »

Moon Bloodgood’s infamous topless scene to premiere on home video

Worthington talks Green Lantern »

Has had talks with Martin Campbell about donning the tights

Ashley talks to McG! »

About “Terminator Salvation”, “Terminator 5″ and “20,000 Leagues”


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