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Sin City coming to TV »

Based on the cooler-than-frozen coke movie Sounds like Robert Rodriguez is going to milk the bejesus out of Franky’s “Sin City” template. Who can blame him either? The film’s paying for that fancy new boat he’s about to dunk into the pond. Not only is Robby rounding up the original cast members for a sequel [...]

Stephen Curry aboard McLean’s next »

From "The Castle" and "The Nugget" Another popular Australian actor – in addition to Radha Mitchell, Sam Worthington and John Jarratt, who have already signed – is believed to be snagging a seat on the Greyhound to the Northern Territory. Stephen Curry, best known for his roles in comedies like “The Castle” and “Takeaway”, has [...]

The cast for Rogue starting to fill out »

Greg McLean's follow-up to "Wolf Creek" John Jarratt, Radha Mitchell and Sam Worthington will all be screaming for Steve Irwin by the end of the Australian Summer. The trio have signed to star in Greg 'Wolf Creek' McLean's "Rogue", about a mighty big flesh-eating croc with a penchant for tourists, which is set to Lens [...]

Warner unleashing a Creepshow »

Remaking the 1982 King-Romero film In addition to a “Creepshow 3”, the wood that’s Holly is planning to remake the first film in the series. Yep, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Ted Danson’s finest moment in film is set to be Xeroxed. The 1982 horror anthology movie written by Stephen King and directed by George [...]

Dakota Fanning kidnapped by her own parents »

The latest on Selick's "Coraline" Pint-sized zillionaire Dakota Fanning – as charming as she is discordant - has signed on to supply the lead character’s voice in Henry ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Selick’s new movie, “Coraline”. The “War of the Worlds” and “Dreamer” will get a fat cheque for “Coraline”, Laika Entertainment's film based on ht [...]

Hitman not out of the Woods »

Video-game cum film gets a writer Looks like “Hitman”, the Vin Diesel-starring film based on the video game, could go either way, with news from VinDiesel.hu that “Swordfish” alumni Skip Woods is onboard. Woods is one of those brand of guns-for-hire that can string some action dialogue together – but isn’t much for telling a [...]

The Slayer comes up for Air »

A new movie for Sarah Michelle Gellar After Richard Kelly’s big-balled uniqueness of “Southland Tales”, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ostensibly got an inkling for the unique Indies. The former Slayer has signed to star with Diego Luna [“Dirty Dancing : Havana Nights” – poor chap] and Ken Watanabe [“Batman Begins” – dude had like a cameo [...]

What’s Marsters new movie? »

Buffy star starts filming it in 10 days Has Jimmy Marsters just let the Brainiac out of the bag? According to James (currently appearing on “Smallville”, but best known for playing bottle-blonde Spike on “Buffy” and “Angel”), speaking to TheHotMorningShow, he’s starting a new unstipulated movie role in ten days. Could be this the long-mulled [...]

Rebecca Gibney returns to King »

Australian Film and TV star in Stephen King series Rebecca Gibney doesn’t exactly have “Salem’s Lot” in big, black, bold letters on her resume – does anyone? - so it is a bolt from the blue to hear she’s on-board another Stephen King series. But work’s work, right? The gorgeous Gibney, best known for her [...]

15 things We Learnt This Week »

Live from Frederik and Mary's baby-shower with Clint Morris This week’s edition is dedicated to Princess Mary’s Baby…..because there’s just not enough coverage of it at the moment. 15 Things We Learnt This Week 1 : That the craggy old woman who served me at the post office yesterday – giving me trouble over an [...]

Kent Kid takes on Leatherface »

One of the "Superman" contenders joins prequel Matthew Bomer, one of the young guns that was close to scoring the ‘S’ suit back when Brett Ratner and Michael Bay were involved in “Superman Returns”, has won a role in another franchise effort: The prequel to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Casting notices have been littered about [...]

So who’s going to be the female Bond? »

The latest on "Daisy Scarlett : Semper Occultus" The long-planned female Bond film, "Daisy Scarlett : Semper Occultus", is nearing closer to production. Producers of the film, set for principal photography in January, are believed to be making an announcement soon in regards to who’ll be strapping on the gun holster of spunky MI6 agent, [...]

Interview : The Girls from Wolf Creek »

Cassandra Magrath and Kestie Morassi drop by She’s one of the most familiar young actresses from the tube, having starred in such series as "SeaChange" and "Shock Jock", and she’s one of today’s most popular young Australian film actresses, with credits including "Dirty Deeds", "Strange Bedfellows" and "The Illustrated Family Doctor". Cassandra Magrath and Kestie [...]

Ice Man hot for Top Gun 2? »

Val Kilmer talks about a sequel He offered Maverick a night out as his ‘Wing Man’ anytime, but Val Kilmer light-heartedly says Tom Cruise isn’t keen on taking him up on his offer. Speaking amusingly about a “Top Gun” sequel – Tom Cruise has been offered the chance to reprise his role – Kilmer tells [...]

Staunton on flight for Phoenix »

Professor Dolores Umbridge is cast Yet another thespian has given in to her desires to mix it up at Hogwarts. Imelda Staunton, known for her roles in the films “Vera Drake” and “Bright Young Things”, has joined the cast of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, says ComingSoon.net and Mugglenet. Staunton, who is [...]

The Rock’s movie scrapped »

Dwayne reveals all One film that’s been on-and-off The Rock’s ‘must do’ list for a few months now is a Universal sci-fi film called “Species Human”. Today, the big guy told JoBlo.com where the hell it’s got to. “You know what’s probably gonna happen with that? What’s probably gonna happen with that is we’re gonna [...]

Cox is getting bigger »

Thanks to a new Paramount movie Looks like former “Friends” star Courteney Cox won’t have to take that second mortgage out on her hefty mansion after all. The actress has been signed by Paramount to star in an untitled comedy that Cox and husband David Arquette will produce. To be penned by Susan Walter, the [...]

Eisner paddles in The Black Lagoon »

A remake of the 1954 classic “Sahara” director Breck Eisner is slapping on some gumboots and treading down the muddy banks of the “Black Lagoon”. Yep, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Eisner - son of Michael Eisner- will direct a remake of the 1954 monster movie "Creature from the Black Lagoon". Gary Ross, whose father, [...]

It’s Deja Vu for Deja Vu »

Tony Scott returns as director Ah, looks like Tony Scott’s returned to direct that doco on Streisand’s last Oscar Nomination. Oh? It’s not about that? Anyway, Scott’s returned to direct “Déjà vu”, a film he decided he wasn’t doing a couple of weeks back. Scott [“True Romance”] initially went cold on the idea because they [...]

Clint’s Review : Kiss Kiss Bang Bang »

Starring Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr If “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang”- I know, sounds like something you’d see at a venue where both a bucket and a quick peepshow is inclusive in the admission price - were a book, it’d be blow-dried of it’s collected soot, plastic-coated, placed delicately in a glass box and [...]

Moviehole MailBag – 20/10/05 »

Clint's ready to answer your questions Its all your fault my typing finger’s gone all puffy (Then again, matches the shirt I’m wearing out tonight to the Copacabana) with all these questions. Who am I kidding? I love responding to questions I’ve been asked five times already! In “War of the Worlds”, if the Tripods [...]

Latest on Poltergeist and Halloween sequels »

Rumours and more on horror follow-ups OK, first things first. Been getting a few emails asking about news items at places like WENN and the Internet Movie Database suggesting I'm involved in a new "Poltergeist" movie. Unfortunately, nothing very exciting to respond to that - it's old news. It's something that didn't actually come from [...]


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