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Buffy Decides to Die »

Hang on, she did that already didn't she? With Clint the producing partner of Muse Watson (the killer fisherman from the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" movies), and me a regular contributor to the site, I reckon that pits me only a few degrees from Sarah Michelle Gellar. Right? Yeeeeah, whatever. Moving Right [...]

Film based on a magazine in the works »

Yes folks, Jack and Jill did eventually fall down the hill David 'The Finch' Fincher will spearhead a film based on - no, not the animated 80s flick - the 70s sci-fantasy magazine Heavy Metal. "Heavy Metal" will be stamped by the erotic and violent storylines and images that remain the trademark of a magazine [...]

MH Asia – 14/7/08 »

Colin Moore has a Blueberry Night MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS It’s a start. Besides one or two principally art house theaters (Cine Cube) here in Seoul, at least one of the glossier multiplexes, CGV Yongsan, is starting to show Korean films with foreign subtitles. There’ll be four this year. "My Sassy Girl" star and Samsung phone [...]

Red Sorghum »

"Red Sorghum" is a sharp alternative to the fashionable boy-meets-girl story. Jiu-er may eventually get her lumbering man, but it's nowhere close to late-eighties American fare Li Gong,Cunhua Ji,Liu Jia,Wen Jiang "Red Sorghum" marks Zhang Yimou's directorial debut after a credible run as a cinematographer ("One and Eight," "Yellow Earth") It's also the first of [...]


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