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Katie says Guggenheim’s <i>Waiting for Superman</i> strikes a chord!
24 Sep
Written by Katie Crocker

Katie says Guggenheim’s Waiting for Superman strikes a chord! »

Review of the Documentary schooling the nation…

J.J. Abrams Lands at Fox
15 Sep
Written by Katie Crocker

J.J. Abrams Lands at Fox »

“Alcatraz” series gets a home.

A Taste of Kat – 11/8/10 »

Katie spends the night with “The Other Guys”

The Other Guys Press Conference »

Ferrell, Wahlberg, Keaton, McKay & Mendes attend

A Taste of Kat : Dinner for Schmucks »

It’s confirmed, the French do it better

Art of Nothing : Black Swan First Look »

Beautiful snaps from Aronofsky’s latest

Steve Carell & Paul Rudd »

Katie talks to the cast & crew of “Dinner for Schmucks”

Still Shots from The Last Airbender »

Still shots and Skepticism Shyamalan-style

Shut up and Sing: From Sectional’s to Regional’s »

Reviewing a Season of Glee from a Gleek…

Art of Nothing : Movie Theater Blues »

Kat’s recommendations for the movie theater blues!

Shrek Forever After Poster! »

The splashy new one-sheeter for the final “Shrek” hits the net

The Square with Director Commentary »

“The Square” with Director Commentary!

Conan Joins TBS »

Conan O’Brien Returns! Well…almost

Butch Cassidy Rides Again! »

Sam Shepard replacing the late Paul Newman

A Taste of Kat : Anticipated Flicks »

What Katie Crocker can’t wait to see…

Star Wars for Toddlers coming! »

May the Force Be With You…Squishies!?

Terminator back on TV »

Summer Glau aboard small-screen Superhero project

A Taste of Kat – 10/3/10 »

Katie Crocker analyzes the 2010 Academy Awards

A Taste of Kat – 20/02/10 »

Kat’s ‘Movies She Loves to Hate’ List

A Taste of Kat – 12/2/10 »

The films that should be up for best film!

A Taste of Kat – 4/2/10 »

Takes a baseball bad to badly written screenplays

A Taste of Kat – 27/1/10 »

Katie is a ”Sex and the City”-aholic.


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