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David Goyer and NBC bringing <i>Constantine</i> to TV
27 Sep
Written by Weeksy

David Goyer and NBC bringing Constantine to TV »

It appears that Marvel isn’t the only ones looking to further expand into the T.V. market

Weeksly on the good, bad and in-between of the new TV pilots
10 Sep
Written by Weeksy

Weeksly on the good, bad and in-between of the new TV pilots »

As always at this time of year, you have to ask yourself that incredibly vital question of “What am I going to watch this season?”

Weeksy’s back with a review of Netflix’s <i>Orange is the new Black</i>
6 Sep
Written by Weeksy

Weeksy’s back with a review of Netflix’s Orange is the new Black »

Netflix are also obviously very happy with the show they have on their hands

MH checks out <i>Arrested Development</i> Season Four!
30 May
Written by Weeksy

MH checks out Arrested Development Season Four! »

My nervous caution in starting to watch it lies with the fact that Netflix has had a hit & miss run with their new ventures into original programming

Sound City
3 Feb
Written by Weeksy

Sound City »


My deep dive into music began when I picked up a copy of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” during my senior year of High School. Before Read more…

The Writer’s Perspective : Avatar »

Weeksy shares his thoughts on the new trailer

Weeksy’s Review : Bruno »

”feel like a sequel / remake in everything but name to Borat”

Weeksy’s Review : Night at the Museum 2 »

“A significant improvement over the original in my book in almost every area”

The Writer’s Perspective : Goodbye Scrubs? »

Weeksy reviews Zach Braff’s final episode of “Scrubs”

Weeksy’s Review : Ghosts of Girlfriends Past »

”a usual fun date movie – take your partner along to show them your romantic side”

The Writer’s Perspective : 17 Again »

Weeksy, and a bunch of 17-year-old girls, check out Zac Efron’s latest

Max Payne [DVD] »

”While the storyline and character development may be lacking, the film does a decent job of capturing the look and tone of the games”

The Writer’s Perspective : The End of Prison Break »

Weeksy says goodbye to a once-great series

American Teen [DVD] »

“…an insightful and at times moving picture about finding your own voice”

The Writer’s Perspective : Weeksy Recommends… »

Clues : Edward, Bella, Jacob, um, the dude from “Can’t Hardly Wait”..

Eagle Eye [Blu-Ray] »

”The first 30 minutes of the film are a very intense and exciting adventure”

The Writer’s Perspective : TV of ’08 »

With your new host, Adam ‘Weeksy’ Weeks!

Weeksy hearts Quantum of Solace »

“A better film than Casino Royale!” says Weeksy

Star Wars : The Clone Wars [DVD] »

Isn’t so much of a stand alone flick, as it is a few episodes of an upcoming TV series strung together

Weeksy feels the Payne! »

Our first review of “Max Payne” starring Mark Wahlberg

Max Payne
13 Oct
Written by Weeksy

Max Payne »

“Payne” looks very pretty for what it is – there’s some very nice FX work throughout the course of it (the best parts of which have already been shown to death in the trailers), but it just doesn’t have that sense of forward momentum that a flick like this really needs – and ultimately becomes something that would have been straight to the video shelf if not for the presence of Wahlberg

10 Years of Moviehole : Best of the Best »

#2 : “Life on Mars” (TV)


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