1. Paramount's "Ninja Turtles" reboot will open 3 weeks later than it's originally planned release date : June 6, 2014. 2. Suggesting it won't be...

To make up for the slight downtime today, needed so we could do some behind-the-scenes tweaks, here's a bumper edition of '10 Breaking Bits'

Details on the "Mad Max Trilogy" Blu-ray, Griffiths returns to TV, Bell doing "Turn", Sheen and Lohan reunite, Prince Michael Jackson on 90210, Wahlberg passed on "Star Trek"!?, "Marble Hornets" movie, New "Iron Man 3" Poster, "Amazing Spider-Man 2" image

"Jack Reacher" may get a sequel, Van Der Beek gets a new show, Pellegrino in "Tomorrow People", "Best Man 2" titled, Annable and Greenwood in "Venice", "Selection" casts female lead, "Riddick" image and more

"Up All Night" on the chopping block, Grier in "Bad Teacher", Ritter's new show, Lawrence reuniting with O.Russell, Martini doing "Curse of Downer's Grove", "Beyond the Hills" trailer, Morenca Baccarin interview, trailer for "Hannibal", Robinson talks "Hot Tub" sequel, Fincher looking at Tatum for "20000 Leagues"

Baldwin, Wilson, Ruzowitzky for "Caught Stealing", "Zombieland" series cast, Becker has "Sex", Pink on "Shore Leave", Wolk in Williams comedy, Fanning and Macdonald have "Every Secret Thing", Johnson in "Need for Speed", Brett Ratner doing "Farmville" series, "The Office" end date set, "Longbourn" coming to cinemas

Annabele in NBC sitcom, McCarthy signs for 3 movies, Hurt and Hunter are Bonnie & Clyde, Corbett for "N.C.I.S LA" spin-off, first pic from "Candelabra", Bateman in "Games Night", Smith and Mendes in "Monster", "Spider-Man 2" synopsis, Abrams involved in "Portal" or "Half-Life" movies and more!

New image from "Fast & Furious 6", Poster and Trailer for "Lords of Salem", Jason Moore directing Tina Fey in "The Nest", Clarin and Collins in "Where Rainbows End", Greenwood in "Queen", Farrell joins Hopkins in "Solace", "Return to Nim's Island" trailer, Tron in "Wreck-it Ralph 2"?, "Iron Man 3" website, Santoro joins Portman Western

Trailers for "Amiss", "Byzantium", "World War Z"; still from "Iron Man 3" featuring Rebecca Hall, Judd Apatow plans "This is Forty" sequel, "Star Trek" app details, "Dragon Tattoo" sequel rumour debunked, Posters for "Frozen", Stiles playing Frances Marion, Nina Arianda in "Lucky Them"

New "Muppet" images amongst the items on today's "10 Breaking Bits" - an assortment of bits and pieces, including news, gossip, images, trailers, featurettes, clips, posters, artwork and more, that we've missed over the past 24 hours.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in "Man of Steel", clips from "Flight", Pics from "Elysium", Superbowl teaser for "Iron Man 3", Zac Efron in Goldsman thriller, Hardy/Rapace in "Child 44", Gluck to direct "Annie", Cooper in "Chef", "Paperman" is online, McConaughey up for "Magic Mike 2"

The trailers for "Top Gun 3D", "The Heat" (International); Clips from "Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters 3D", Goglia joins Fox sitcom, Moretz joins "If I stay", Mortimer joins "Doll & Em", Hemsworth joins "Heart of the Sea", latest on the "Leprechaun" reboot, Facinelli in "Freezer", "Mad Men" stills

Darabont talks "Godzilla", Liotta joins "Muppets" sequel, Wikileaks feature has a title, Franco directing, headlining "American Tabloid", "Under the Dome" adds two, "Wedding" and "Trust the B" axed, "Gone Girl" next for Fincher, Harden replaces DeWitt in "Newsroom", Gillies headlines "Vampire Diaries" spin-off

Gambon and Molina fall in "Love", "Host" featurette, "Parker" sneak, Murphy remaking "Dreaded Sundown", DeGouw joins "Dracula", "Meatballs 2" stills, "Oblivion" still, "Twenty Feet from Stardom" gets distributor, "Stoker" clip, "The Master" DVD and Blu-ray details

"Diff'rent Strokes" Dad dies, "Murder in the First" a go at TNT, Lifetime nixes "Wives" pilot, "SNL" promos online, "Happy Valley" nabs De Palma and Pacino, "Match" has Picard, Finneran joins Michael J.Fox sitcom, Rove and more aboard "Trouble Down Under", "Gravity" gets a release date, "Drop Dead Diva" done

"The Killing" lives at AMC, McTiernan off to Jail, TNT picks up Romijn series, SXSW premieres, Jessica Simpson sitcom, "Star Wars" rumours might be true, "Fast and Furious 6" image, "Trooper" dead, "Sound City" gets distribution, "The Widow" spec sold

Golden Globe Winners, Disney sets new release dates, "Walking Dead" has a new showrunner, Snyder not doing "Star Wars" spin-off, "Catching Fire" images, "Assassin's Creed" writer, Monaghan onboard "True Detective", Jerry Lewis returning to film, "Batman : Arkham Asylum" may be a movie

"Vampire Diaries" spin-off coming, "Step Up 5" writer hired, Wyatt doing TV's "Turn", Samberg's cop comedy at Fox, McAfee biopic from "Crazy Stupid Love" duo, "Leverage" movie, Mendes & Logan series lands at Showtime, "42" trailer, "S.H.I.E.L.D" series details, uncomfortable Quentin Tarantino interview

Poster for "Dead Man Down", trailers for "Hemlock Grove" and "Rogue", Paul Feig and Funny or Die get deals, Skydance buys Devlin disaster, "Jurassic Park" stomps into IMAX, "Texas Chainsaw" sequel not a sure-thing, Legendary sues the former producers of "Godzilla", "Days of Our Lives" to stay

Aussie Exclusive Motion Poster for "Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters", "Last Exorcism II" trailer, "50 Shades of Grey" will be NC-17, "The Chimeran" director talks, "Triplets" update, Razzie Nominations, "Dr. Horrible" update, "Inbetweeners 2" update, Will Ferrell set robbed

"Mission : Impossible 5", "The Legend of Conan", "Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters", Untitled McG thriller, "Lucky Guy", "Django Unchained", "Tomorrow", Warner Bros animated projects, "300 : Rise of an Empire", "Star Trek Into Darkness"

1. Vinnie Jones ("Smokin' Aces : Blowback") and Stephen Lang ("Avatar") have joined the cast of the Aussie war film "The 34th Battalion". 2....

1. The touching and visionary Australian film, “Anima” which follows the journey of a rogue scientist as he struggles to preserve his terminal wife...

1. Sony Pictures has pushed back Screen Gems' "Carrie" remake from March 15 to Oct. 18. Sony's "The Call", previously known as "The Hive",...

1. Cuba Gooding Jr,Vanessa Williams, and Condola Rashad will appear in the racially reworked Broadway revival of Horton Foote's modern classic "Trip to Bountiful". 2....

Bryan Singer resurrects TV's "Twilight Zone", "Unwind" to cinemas, Efron and Harden for "Parkland", Bennett joins "S.H.I.E.L.D", Whedon's original "Avengers" plans, Groff in "Frozen", "Theory" movie, "Godzilla" update, "Studio 60" reunion

"Smurfs 2" and "No" trailers, Samuel L.Jackson joins "Kite", Jackie Chan for "Expendables 3", Hutcherson in "Paradise Lost", "Sherlock Holmes 3" update, Hardy and Rapace for "Animal Rescue", Soaps return, Bill Clinton doco

1. In an interview with Playboy, Matt Damon reiterates that he'd like to find a way to bring back Jason Bourne. ''You know what?...

Books "Impostor's Daughter", "the Returned" and "Monument 14" being adapted for the screen; "Tintin 2" for 2015; Casts fill for "Harvest", "Parts Per Billion"; Nolan plays coy when asked about JGL/Batman rumours and more...

1. Production on the returning Arrested Development has paused while Netflix orders additional episodes. Instead of 10, it looks like the new season will...


Rumours hit a day or so back that James Wan was getting, er, cold feet over on Warner's "Aquaman" movie. Wan responded today.. pic.twitter.com/ffJOZSWvkM— James...
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