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Monday, February 27, 2017

Art of Nothing

‘Palo Alto’ Review : One of Katie’s favorite films of 2014

Gia Coppola excels with this material, and skillfully utilizes the fiction, pulling out only what’s relevant

Comic-Con : Highlights from the RoboCop Press Conference

Michael Keaton and Samuel L.Jackson among stars on hand

Comic-Con : Highlights from the Ender’s Game Press Conference

Katie hangs out with Indiana Jones to talk about his new movie

Oscar Bait : Katie picks the Oscar Nominees for Best Film

And so it begins again, ladies and gents, the Oscar race, that time of year when Academy Award hopefuls duke it out in the...

Art of Nothing : Mirror Mirror

Katie takes a bite out of the not-so-poisonous offering

Nichole Bloom

Stars in the new comedy "Project X"

SAG Awards!

The SAG Nominee's were announced today and it should be interesting to see if the Golden Globes follow suit tomorrow

Steve Buscemi & Olivia Wilde are Going to Make Magic!

Steve Carrell's "Burt Wonderstone" picks up more talent

Crazy Heart Director goes to Wall Street

Scott Cooper to make "Rockefeller" conman pic with Fox

Columbia Pictures Brings back Flatliners

Another remake...Imagine my surprise

New The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Stills

Look inside David Fincher's latest

Escape From Planet Earth cast announced!

Jessica Alba, SJP and Brendan Fraser

Warner Brothers Takes on the Yakuza!

Warner Brothers snags "The Outsider"

Comic-Con 2011: Fright Night

Colin Farrell, Imogen Poots and more show off "Fright Night"

Darlene Hunt

"The Big C" creator/writer Darlene Hunt talks with Moviehole!

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg Will Duke it out Again!

Warner Bros Reunites Ferrel and Wahlberg in "Turkey Bowl"

Brendan Wayne

Talks about upcoming release of "Cowboys & Aliens"

Superman Reboot “Man of Steel” Villain Set!

Warner Brothers casts Michael Shannon

It’s enough to make you Batty, Deckard! Blade Runner 2?

Alcon Entertainment wants sequels,prequels

Sneak Peek of Terrence Malick’s Next Flick

"Tree of Life" helmer already has another ready

Guillermo del Toro Cuts Pinocchios’s Strings!

Jim Henson Co, Del Toro & Pathe to produce 3D Stop Motion "Pinocchio"

Wall Street Leo Never Sleeps

Martin Scorsese, Leo Di Caprio doing "Wolf" film

Michelle Pfeiffer-Bloodsucking Recluse?

Warner Brothers in talks with Pfeiffer for "Dark Shadows"

Warner Brothers Wants Gatsby

Baz Luhrman's "The Great Gatsby" flirts with finance



Oscars 2017: Complete Winners list & Best Picture drama!

In what has been one of the most dramatic endings in Oscar history, "Moonlight" has won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The night ran...