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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Showtime Picks Up Kristin Bell

Bell to co-star in dark comedy pilot

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011

The winners of the SAG Awards!

Streisand & Rogen Roadtrip?

The unlikely pair team up for Paramounts latest

Katie says Guggenheim’s Waiting for Superman strikes a chord!

Review of the Documentary schooling the nation...

J.J. Abrams Lands at Fox

"Alcatraz" series gets a home.

A Taste of Kat – 11/8/10

Katie spends the night with "The Other Guys"

A Taste of Kat : Dinner for Schmucks

It's confirmed, the French do it better

Art of Nothing : Black Swan First Look

Beautiful snaps from Aronofsky's latest

Still Shots from The Last Airbender

Still shots and Skepticism Shyamalan-style

Shut up and Sing: From Sectional’s to Regional’s

Reviewing a Season of Glee from a Gleek...

Art of Nothing : Movie Theater Blues

Kat's recommendations for the movie theater blues!

Shrek Forever After Poster!

The splashy new one-sheeter for the final "Shrek" hits the net

The Square with Director Commentary

"The Square" with Director Commentary!

Conan Joins TBS

Conan O'Brien Returns! Well...almost

A Taste of Kat : Anticipated Flicks

What Katie Crocker can't wait to see...

A Taste of Kat – 10/3/10

Katie Crocker analyzes the 2010 Academy Awards


Turbo Kid 2 blasts off!

A sequel to popular indie action comedy "Turbo Kid" (2015) is in the works. RKSS Films (Anouk Whissell, Fran├žois Simard, and Yoann-Karl Whissell) have confirmed...