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So why does Hollywood still treat women like saloon sluts from Deadwood!?

It's actually been a pretty decent year for movies - based on the small assemblage of product I've seen - especially Australian films.

Last thing I want is for some kid to be slapped over the head with a pair of thongs because Dad was presented with an ugly profit-and-loss statement.

I was having coffee with Amy Adams a few years back (that's how most of us begin conversations, right?) when we got talking about...

Just as the castaways on ''Lost'' weren't meant to get off the island, moviegoers aren't mean to view Nicholas Sparks' movies through critical eyes....

Actor Stephen Collins allegedly confesses to molesting underage girls

An end-of-days blockbuster, only one wrapped in a distinctly Australian and very emotive wool

Can someone please get someone who has actually read one of William Goldman’s books to pen one of these films!?

"The world is not a wish-granting factory"

A movie so Vain he probably thinks this review is about him. Don't you? Don't You?

All your favourites in the one movie, rubbing pointy bits and boot-slapping blue behinds

Cinema’s longest, scaliest and most perturbing lizard is back on screen – and this time without the ‘starring Ron Jeremy’ title playing atop of the content.

Well, Johnny Depp just video-Skyped that one in.

Definitely a sling in the right direction for Sony's oft-questionable exercise in recycling.

There's enough splendor, ambition, intrigue and NutraSweet-for-the-eye to keep Darren Aronofsky's reboot of ''Evan Almighty'' afloat

Caffeinated Clint takes a look at the follow-up to "Captain America : The First Avenger"

Now on SyFy : Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And Coming Up: Pompeii.

Russell Crowe channels Ray Winstone-on-a-bender in Akiva Goldsman's directorial debut

RoboCop looks good with a Brazilian, but let him bleed for the sequel.

Caffeinated Clint answers your letters, responds to your rants, and whatnot

Your questions, rants and raves answered and responded to.

Counting down his personal faves from the year

You ain't gonna find "It's a Wonderful Life" on this list.

Author of "Patriot Games" and "The Hunt for Red October" passes away at age 66

The trailer, the trivia, the review, the songs of the 1986 classic

Ben Affleck's anointment as Batman in "Man of Steel 2" definitely seems to have gotten a few worked up.

Talking about the success of their hit comedy

But is pretty enough to satisfy cinemagoers?

This time I take a look at those 'guilty pleasures' from the 'thriller' aisle



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