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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Caffeinated Clint

All of Caffeinated Clint's editorial stories

Caffeinated Clint : Bloomin’ Biel

"The Brothers Bloom" needs your love, "Nailed" needs your money

Caffeinated Clint – Trouble in Hollywood

The financial situation, or rather, recession, has hurt a lot of filmmakers

Caffeinated Clint : This time it’s Personal

Michelle Pfeiffer's second film in twelve months goes direct-to-DVD

Caffeinated Clint : Torchboy at 13

Have you ever been to a drive-in theater, Clint?

Caffeinated Clint : Where does he get off?

Can't talk about this, can't talk about that, must be photographed this way...

Caffeinated Clint : Fires a Killshot

Buried Treasure, or did Harvey do us all a favour?

Caffeinated Clint : Remembering Ron

Clint says goodbye to the brilliant star of "Enemies, A Love Story" & "Ali"

Caffeinated Clint meets Keith Coogan!

Clint bumps into the star of "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead"!

Caffeinated Clint hearts Touchstone

"Good Morning Vietnam", "Stakeout", "Can't Buy Me Love", "Pretty Woman"...

Caffeinated Clint : Who’s Watching The…

Do the same rules apply to trade websites and independent movie websites?

Caffeinated Clint : Vs Predator remake

One remake "I wouldn't wish on a broke-dick dog"

Caffeinated Clint : Rourke’s Raw Deal

Marvel has The Wrestler in a corner....

Caffeinated Clint : Smells like Lean Spirit

You can keep your "Flash Gordon" reboot, Miller.

Caffeinated Clint : Watchmen Settlement

Warner Bros may settle in the hope film doesn't get blocked... sheesh

Caffeinated Clint : 2008 Yearbook Edition

100 Things that Happened This Year, Awards and Other Stuff

Caffeinated Clint : 20/12/08

Sucky sequels - like "The Punisher War Zone" and "Transporter 3" - can deliver!

Caffeinated Clint : Dear Paramount

Judge Reinhold's Billy Rosewood doesn't deserve that demotion

Caffeinated Clint : Oh, Van Damme!

Guess whose knocked back a role in Stallone's new film!?

Caffeinated Clint : Terminator Redemption

Sam Worthington chimes in with some assuring news on "Salvation"!

Caffeinated Clint – 24/11/08

The Curious Case of the "Benjamin Button" Screening

Caffeinated Clint : 16/11/08

Those greenlighting some of these remakes need to be under "Quarantine"

Caffeinated Clint : 13/11/08

Did you hear the one about the network that just axed a good show?

Caffeinated Clint : 6/11/08

With Special Guest, Leigh Whannell, the writer of "Saw"!

Caffeinated Clint : Happy Halloween!

Clint fondly looks back at Billy Friedkin's "The Exorcist" (1974)

Caffeinated Clint : 23/10/08

What is a Celebrity anyway?

Caffeinated Clint – 21/10/08

Trying to pick a subject to vent about...

Caffeinated Clint – 7/10/08

Clint looks back at BETA - - - whatever the heck that is!?

Caffeinated Clint (Louis 2004-2008)

The Moviehole Office Cat has literally left the building...

Caffeinated Clint : Henry Poole is Here

And the MAILBAG return of Holden!!

Caffeinated Clint : The Art of Travel

A look at Thomas Whelan's adventure... and mine


The CW stages Glee reunion

Darren Criss will reunite with former "Glee" co-stars Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist for the upcoming "Flash"/"Supergirl" crossover airing from March 20. The trio, who...