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It's the return of Tom Cruise!! He brings the "Thunder"!

The Two Corey's! Moviehole Mailbag!

Remember those great 80s comedies? and a "Ghostbusters 3" tidbit!

The following episode takes place between 8pm and 9pm

Clint has some big "Goonies 2" news to share with us!

Caffeinated Clint has a few cinematic confessions he wants to admit to

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! Plus the Mailbag returns!

Comic-Con might be leaving San Diego!?

Limp Blockbusters, Amber Heard and Losing Pals

Welcome to the all-new Moviehole... here's my first bitch!

Hey, Golden Compass, got any room in your dinghy for Chronicles of Narnia?

Studios Vs Film Websites. Who Wins?

10 People/Places/Things that deserve a big fat FUCK YOU!

Think about it. Ten years ago, the Internet was a luxury

Seagal, Van Damme and Snipes definitely aren’t over.

Why does every recent movie suck balls?

Jaws may never rise again, Marty McFly won't skate again

My best wishes go out to one of Cinema's Greatest Stars!

You're all a bunch of users!

Wasn't a bad year for movies after all!

How to work and be a full-time Dad at the same time

Englund approves of "Elm Street" remake? What!?

Worst Actor, Best Western Performance, Best TV Show..

First of all, you can stop emailing me, captain crazyballs!

Specifically, the Horror Remakes!

I get asked so many of the same questions...

Writing sequels on spec. Smart or Stupid?

All about that Justice League bullshit....

Where did it all go wrong, Prison Break!?

An email from the writer of Jodie Foster's latest film


If you're going to remake a classic, put your own, unique spin on it. Clearly, that's what "Big Bad Wolves" helmers Aharon Keshales and Navot...
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