• Noah

    There's enough splendour, ambition, intrigue and NutraSweet-for-the-eye to keep Darren Aronofsky's reboot of ''Evan Almighty'' afloat

  • Holy Ghost People

    ''Holy Ghost People'' is good looking and earnest, but it needs a stronger narrative and better characters

  • The Grant Budapest Hotel

    Full of the humorous twists and turns that Anderson is well known for

  • Enemy

    If I have to sum up the film I’d say it was a mixed bag of intense acting and creepy visual suggestions

  • Muppets Most Wanted

    If only the voices behind the Muppets had as much fun as the actors, this could have been a really fun film.

  • Veronica Mars

    It might be self-destructive for you, Veronica, but it’s great for us, your loyal backers

  • Mr Peabody & Sherman

    A delightful story that will entertain both the youngsters and their parents

  • Tracks

    An incredible journey that unfortunately doesn’t really go anywhere

  • 300 : Rise of an Empire

    Never send a female to do a man's job?

  • Non-Stop

    Tense and well told, “Non Stop” is another feather in the directorial cap of James Collet-Serra

  • Pompeii

    Let’s admit it; no one was ever going to lava this one.

  • Wolf Creek 2

    First Michael (“Halloween”), then Freddy (“A Nightmare on Elm Street”), now Mick

  • The Wind Rises

    If it is Miyazuki's final film, it's far from a low note to out on, but it's more ''Tales of Earthsea'' than ''Ponyo''

  • About Last Night…

    If you have any fond memories of the 1986 film “About Last Night…” I urge you to go read another review

  • Winter’s Tale

    Apparently you'd rather walk in on Sloth from "The Goonies" getting undressed than having to sit through it

  • That Awkward Moment

    Commitphobes change their stripes and there’s poo jokes, something for everyone!

  • The Monument’s Men

    Credit Clooney, the director for surrounding Clooney, the actor, with a top rate cast

  • The LEGO Movie

    "Everything is Awesome!" .. An appropriate song, as it fit’s the movie it’s featured in perfectly.

  • The Pretty One

    The narrative doesn’t feel thought out enough to strike any chords

  • RoboCop

    The movie seems afraid to alienate family audiences, and to piss off anyone but Nancy Allen

  • The Past

    It all mixes together to become a magnificent drama

  • Ride Along

    So long as you're up for McDonalds, and not a Lobster meal, you won't find "Ride Along" intolerable

  • Blue is the Warmest Color

    The movie ''Brokeback Mountain'' wanted to be, a love story rather than a gay love story

  • Labor Day

    “Labor Day” is a bump in the so-far smooth cinematic road of director Jason Reitman

  • Philomena

    Coogan, Pope and director Stephen Frears have managed to make religion the centerpiece of the film without you really knowing they have