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News from Comic Con : More Grudge and Pants? »

Sequel news from "Grudge 2" Interviews Shouldn't be surprised, considering it's all about the cabbage. but interesting to hear that Sony have already started planning for "The Grudge 3" - several months shy of the release of "Grudge 2". Takashi Shimizu, director of "The Grudge 2" (saw some footage from the film and it looks [...]

Comic Con : Day 3 »

"Spider-Man" Saturday OK, instead of starting out by telling you what I did from the moment I slipped my pants on in the morning (probably involves a yawn, scratch or groan), let’s start with what was the best of the day. One word : “Spider-Man”. Spider-Man 3 This panel rocked. More than the Pearl Jam [...]

News from Comic Con : What’s next for Robert Picardo? »

Will co-star in Gary Hardwick's "Universal Remote" Caught up with the always friendly Robert Picardo (“Star Trek : Voyager”) who tells me he begins work next week on a new movie called “Universal Remote”, from writer/director Gary Hardwick. Sounds like it could be rather good. In addition, Picardo says he’s also going to be doing [...]

News from Comic Con : Evil Dead update »

The Bruce Campbell-less one Director Sam Raimi announced at the "Spider-Man 3" panel tonight that although he had given up on the "Evil Dead" remake - the audience seemed rather happy to hear that he was potentially off the project - he's ready to try and get it off the ground again. He believes - [...]

News from Comic Con : Tarantino rescues Russell! »

Kurt is Stuntman Mike in "Grindhouse" I would’ve loved to have been able to post this dribble of news midway through the panel, but unfortunately I’d spent all my money on hookers, helium balloons and hyenas (if only because they also started with the letter ‘H’) so couldn’t afford to buy a blackberry at the [...]

News from Comic Con : Wassup Landis? »

More horror in the "American Werewolf" director's future The always amiable John Landis (“The Blues Brothers”, “An American Werewolf in London”) was at Comic Con today (just for kicks) and was kind enough to chat to anyone who cared to stop him in a hallway. He’s currently at work on his return to bigscreen horror, [...]

News from Comic Con : Fat Albert 2? »

The star hungry for seconds Despite the first film's failure at the box office, "Fat Albert" star Kenan Thompson told Moviehole today that he's rather keen to star in a sequel. In fact, the "Snakes on a Plane" star says he'd be up for two more films. He really wants to do another because the [...]

News from Comic Con : Latest on 24 movie »

And who won't be involved In an interview to promote his upcoming release “The Reaping”, director Stephen Hopkins mentioned that although he co-produces the series, he won’t be involved in the “24” film. At the same time, Hopkins – who also directed the pilot - said that the studio isn’t even “for sure” doing a [...]

News from Comic Con : What’s new with Joel Silver? »

Friendly, but tight-lipped Producer Joel Silver – a very nice chap by the way, and obviously, a rather smart man too considering the weight of his wallet – told Moviehole that the sequel to “House on Haunted Hill” that is now in the works, will be released direct to video. Asked whether he might also [...]

News from Comic Con : Who is Optimus Prime? »

In Paramount's "Transformers" movie The big announcement at the Paramount panel today, was that Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime in the original “Transformers” cartoons, is back to reprise his role as the ever-changing truck hero for the film version. Cullen himself [essentially] made the announcement himself, via mobile telephone call. Fans, not unexpectedly, [...]

News from Comic Con : Christensen onboard Jumper? »

Re-teaming with "Star Wars" co-star Samuel L.Jackson Samuel L.Jackson told Moviehole today that though the film he was supposed to do with his “Star Wars” co-star Hayden Christensen, called “Poker Night, is “dead in the water”. However, he might be re-teaming with Christensen for something else. Jackson says Christensen might be joining him in Doug [...]

Comic Con : Day 2 »

Clint Morris in San Diego Only the second day of Comic Con, and I’ve gotta tell ya – I’m as exhausted as a hungry hooker. The day was a combination of interviews (everyone from Sam ‘The Man’ Jackson to the lovely Hilary Swank and the monstorous cast of “Accepted”) and panels – but comic con [...]

Comic Con : Day 1 »

Clint Morris, live from San Diego So here we are, the only day of the year when browncoats, trekkies, star wars fans, rainbow brite buffs and dudes in hired ‘Batman’ costumes, get together. Now, you’ll have to excuse the tardiness and (probably) the grammar- I’ve just returned, a few beers later, from a New Line [...]

News from Comic Con : Stargate movie on? »

And it's not an "SG1" movie either Good news for fans of the original “Stargate” movie. Bad news for fans of the “Stargate” TV series. Dean Devlin confirmed at the “Flyboys” panel at Comic Con, today, that he’s now in negotiations to do two sequels to his popular early 90s sci-fi film “Stargate”. The movie [...]

News from Comic Con : Heath’s Joking? »

Rumour has it that Ledger is The Joker The big buzz around Comic Con - apparently reps from the studio are even suggesting there could be some truth to it to it – is that Australian actor (no, not Lachy Hulme- who was reportedly rumoured to be up for the role, too) Heath Ledger is [...]

Preview Night at Comic Con »

Clint, in "Xena" outfit, live from San Diego Ten Minutes ago, about six zillion comic buffs (and one dude dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow) burst through the glass doors of Comic-Con, and headed for the huge exhibition hall. Yep, its preview night and anyone who knows their Frank Miller from their Joss Whedon, has hit [...]

Moviehole lands in San Diego »

Spot the jetlagged webmaster Greetings from stinkin’ hot California from a bushed baggy-eyed slightly hung-over Aussie journalist. 14 Hours on a Plane. 3 Hours in a train. All for what? To see dudes dressed up as Xena, Warrior Princess. I feel as if John Hughes has been following me around for the past 24 hours. [...]

See Accepted at Comic-Con »

Thanks to Universal While at Comicon, look for a person dressed as : a S.H.I.T. sandwich or a hot dog and ask them if you've been “Accepted” - they will give you a pass good for a free screening of the movie "Accepted" on Thursday the 20th or Friday the 21st. Everyone who gets in [...]

Specs on Comic-Con’s Indy Film Festival »

Details on screenings and the film school The next George Lucas (or the next Dennis Dugan, sadly enough) could be at this year's Comic Con. Wanna be the first to get their autography, or say you 'saw their film before they were someone?' The official site has details up about the Indy Film Festival - [...]

Comic-Con announces Animation Schedule »

Includes over 130 different titles Into toons? into classy Anime? Then you'll want to reserve a seat for your cheeks for some of these beauties. The Comic-Con anime staff is looking at a 2006 schedule that will include over 130 different titles, including popular fan favorites, newer releases, and sneak previews of titles that aren’t [...]

Harris added to Tripper panel »

Joining David Arquette and Steve Niles Joe Harris ("The Tooth Fairy") has been added to "The Tripper" panel at Comic-Con. Here's the note from Joe : Joe Added to THE TRIPPER Panel @ Comic-Con In addition to premiering WITCHWISE at Comic-Con later this month, I'm going to take part in THE TRIPPER panel discussion along [...]

Comic-Con : The Schedule »

What's on Thur, Fri, Sat & Sun? Every webmaster and their mother board has been letting surfers know about some of the great offerings on, well, offer, at this year’s San Diego Comic Con - - - so I won’t bore you with any more of that. But, just in case Moviehole is the only [...]


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