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Friday, February 24, 2017

DVD Reviews

Reviews of the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases


Marvel's Midas Touch continues. When movie fans first heard about ''Ant-Man'' many figured it would be the first Marvel film to fall down in...

Toy Story That Time Forgot

Just in case Disney's stock price doesn't breach the stratosphere next quarter on the back of the bajillions of dollars on Star Wars merch,...

Back in Time

Sometimes we get very gratifying examples of how a beloved movie grows, breaks its own banks and becomes an institution. Perennial favourites like ''Star...


I'm pleased to report the pair not only matched their amusing first outing together, but possibly even topped it


Aside from a great story it's a good example of how the directing is the editing and vice versa

The Loft

Slick but mostly bland, generic erotic thriller.

Pound of Flesh

Offers up a mass of great scenes showcasing Van Damme’s legendary hand-to-hand combat skills

Burying the Ex

A homage to some of the classic B-movies of yesteryear

Inherent Vice

It'll take more patience and investment than many are prepared to give

X-Men : Days of Future Past : Rogue Cut

These few minutes not only added nothing to the film but Rogue's scenes took away from the film's urgency


There's nothing new here, but there's plenty that makes the genre great and will make you squirm and jump as well.


It's a good effort but you can see some of the joins in several aspects

Lost River

There is a definite narrative here, what's less clear is what Gosling (directing from his own script) is using it to say.

Good Kill

The film has a concept, but neither it nor its unfolding are fleshed out enough.

The Death of Superman Lives

Look no further than this film for the perfect example of what the DVD and the age of behind-the-scenes awareness hath wrought. Once upon...

Far from the madding crowd

You might be tempted to dismiss this as a paperback romance novel (though it's far more chaste than many of them are nowadays) put...

A Most Violent Year

It's a very classy and stylish production, but is it an interesting story? It's about a guy who runs a heating oil business in...


Drew reviews "Planetary", now available on VOD

Monsters : Dark Continent

Drew Turney takes a look at the very "Alien Outpost" like sequel

Cam Girlz

The film also makes you realise the camming movement is about much more than porn


Kids will likely love the jazzed-up remixes of those classic "Annie" tunes more than us

Horrible Bosses 2

The tagline says everything you need to know about this film; 'new plan, same tools'.


If you're sick of zombies on screens and vow to only give one more movie or TV show a go, make ''Wyrmwood'' it.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

There's a pretty rich plot and all the performances are good, but it ends up visually indistinct when it's already narratively so

The Hundred-Foot Journey

It's not much of a surprise to learn the director behind this food porn love story is Lasse Hallström, the dewey-eyed romantic behind ''Chocolat''....

The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin

If you've ever wondered what Bitcoin is, this straightforward, no-nonsense doco is a great primer to get the basics as well as understand a...

Force Majeure

Can a split second, fight or flight decision make a family unravel? That's the conceit of this familial drama (it's been called a comedy...

The Device

Part ''X Files'' episode, part familial drama and with not quite enough sci-fi to be what it wants, ''The Device'' is a strange beast...

The Little Death

Josh Lawson does something particular in Australian films that's quite rare. He stars in (and now makes, this being his writing and directorial debut)...

This is where I leave you

I hope you take the opportunity to spend some time with the Altman family


The Batman gets a new director

It's a batty news day! After Ben Affleck stepped aside from directing "The Batman", Variety reports that Matt Reeves has signed on to fill...