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DVD Reviews

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There's enough splendour, ambition, intrigue and NutraSweet-for-the-eye to keep Darren Aronofsky's reboot of ''Evan Almighty'' afloat

dick joke plus cameo divided by pop culture reference - minus wit times by the power of fart gag equals Seth MacFarlane

The story beats are simplistic and familiar, but hold within them enough heart to keep you invested

The films keeps a surprisingly steady pace throughout given the inherent limitations of the plot

Let’s admit it; no one was ever going to lava this one.

Holds up in the creative freedom of improvisation but now and then falls flat to it

David Lynch and Mark Frost’s short-lived but feverishly-loved ‘90s sensation arrives on Blu-ray in superlative Great Northern style

Never send a female to do a man's job?

"Everything is Awesome!" .. An appropriate song, as it fit’s the movie it’s featured in perfectly.

July, 1985. While taking bets on a fellow bull rider at the rodeo Ron Woodruff (McConaughey) glances at the day’s newspaper.

Tense and well told, “Non Stop” is another feather in the directorial cap of James Collet-Serra

A tongue in cheek action flick that takes you a little while to get on board with

I’m giving the film and extra half-star just for the credits sequence

"Australian history does not read like history but like the most beautiful lies.”

In the capable hands of writers Ferrell and McKay, Ron Burgundy’s world has more than enough room for laughs

Here Jonze has taken an almost laughable premise and given it a heart

Coogan, Pope and director Stephen Frears have managed to make religion the centerpiece of the film without you really knowing they have

Adam Cozard and David Koepp have crafted an entertaining movie – albeit one that might’ve been better titled ‘untitled Kenneth Branagh action thriller’ or ‘Jim Kirk : The Spy Who Shagged Keira.. .then saved Manhattan”

There are a few cool swordfights and some CGI monsters – although nothing you haven’t seen before

While Sophie Nelisse makes for a terrific Liesel, it's Australia's Geoffrey Rush who steals the show as Hans.

The editor's daughter takes a look at Disney's latest

Zoe Bell stars in this latest addition to the Women in Prison subgenre

An absolute showcase for today's finest thesps, all absolutely gold as complicated, but frighteningly-relatable characters

It might be self-destructive for you, Veronica, but it’s great for us, your loyal backers

''The Desolation of Smaug'' is just another ''Rings'' film, and that's just not impressive enough anymore.

Like he has in other films, Traucki proves himself a master of tension – a much more important element than simple scares in horror

Perfectly OK, but essentially just a rehash of the original without the joy, stupendous songs, or emotional beats that had us dropping watery eye-output into our popcorn container first-time around

This new release features five episodes from the popular afternoon toon series "Doc McStuffins"

''The Machine'' is one of the best films so far of 2014 and one of the best sci-fi films in even longer

The film isn't terribly successful because of the tone


If you're going to remake a classic, put your own, unique spin on it. Clearly, that's what "Big Bad Wolves" helmers Aharon Keshales and Navot...
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