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47 Ronin

There are a few cool swordfights and some CGI monsters – although nothing you haven’t seen before

The Book Thief

While Sophie Nelisse makes for a terrific Liesel, it's Australia's Geoffrey Rush who steals the show as Hans.


The editor's daughter takes a look at Disney's latest


Zoe Bell stars in this latest addition to the Women in Prison subgenre

August : Osage County

An absolute showcase for today's finest thesps, all absolutely gold as complicated, but frighteningly-relatable characters

Veronica Mars

It might be self-destructive for you, Veronica, but it’s great for us, your loyal backers

The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug

''The Desolation of Smaug'' is just another ''Rings'' film, and that's just not impressive enough anymore.

The Jungle

Like he has in other films, Traucki proves himself a master of tension – a much more important element than simple scares in horror

The Jungle Book 2

Perfectly OK, but essentially just a rehash of the original without the joy, stupendous songs, or emotional beats that had us dropping watery eye-output into our popcorn container first-time around

Doc McStuffins : Mobile Clinic

This new release features five episodes from the popular afternoon toon series "Doc McStuffins"

The Machine

''The Machine'' is one of the best films so far of 2014 and one of the best sci-fi films in even longer

Odd Thomas

The film isn't terribly successful because of the tone

Fruitvale Station

The story has a structure that seems to keep it from being very cohesive.

Ender’s Game

This is in no way the space epic Harrison Ford will be remembered for

Computer Chess

One of the most distinctive movies so far this year and it's certainly nothing like you've seen before

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Neither Affleck nor Mara could put a foot wrong in many films they work in, and the acting all round is uniformly excellent

The Lifeguard

Writer/director Liz W.Garcia's quiet, sometimes slightly sluggish drama is reasonably-engaging coming-of-30 story

Thor : The Dark World

''Thor : the Dark World'' feels like a playful taunt before the more-satisfying final act


You feel like you’re in space, more than you have in a very long time – ironically considering how many movies are set there

The Butler

Make no mistake, it's completely about race relations and only a little bit about being a butler

A Case of You

Stars Justin Long and Evan Rachel Wood and features cameos from Peter Dinklage, Vince Vaughn, Sienna Miller and Brendan Fraser


You can practically feel the wind in your face as the camera takes you around the track at 200 miles per hour. Simply put, “Rush” is a rush!

John Dies At The End

Take a liberal helping of ''Ghostbusters'', a dash of ''Superbad'', a few dollops of ''Bill and Ted'' and mash it all up and you might get something like this mash-up of genres and ideas.

Big Ass Spider

Watch it now, it's unlikely to get a secondary boost thanks to Oscar recognition

Machete Kills

Expect bullets to fly and gore galore with a splash of sex appeal

The Fifth Estate

It would’ve felt more concrete and been more interesting with Cumberbatch well equipped for the job


You'll be amazed at the big names that fill the unrecognisable cast, but all eyes will be on Seyfried

Harry Dean Stanton : Partly Fiction

The doc is unusual – it is mostly set in Stanton’s home with several photos of family and (famous) friends

Blue Jasmine

Back in the US after exploring Rome, Barcelona, Paris (and time), Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” is a beautiful, funny and painful return to form

Red 2

Unlike a lot of action movies that try hard to be funny, ”Red 2” hit all the notes well



Beaches remake in development with Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel is set to star in a remake of 80s film "Beaches" for Lifetime, set to premiere on the network in 2017. Menzel will...