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DVD Reviews

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Stars Justin Long and Evan Rachel Wood and features cameos from Peter Dinklage, Vince Vaughn, Sienna Miller and Brendan Fraser

You can practically feel the wind in your face as the camera takes you around the track at 200 miles per hour. Simply put, “Rush” is a rush!

Take a liberal helping of ''Ghostbusters'', a dash of ''Superbad'', a few dollops of ''Bill and Ted'' and mash it all up and you might get something like this mash-up of genres and ideas.

Watch it now, it's unlikely to get a secondary boost thanks to Oscar recognition

Expect bullets to fly and gore galore with a splash of sex appeal

It would’ve felt more concrete and been more interesting with Cumberbatch well equipped for the job

You'll be amazed at the big names that fill the unrecognisable cast, but all eyes will be on Seyfried

The doc is unusual – it is mostly set in Stanton’s home with several photos of family and (famous) friends

Back in the US after exploring Rome, Barcelona, Paris (and time), Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” is a beautiful, funny and painful return to form

Unlike a lot of action movies that try hard to be funny, ”Red 2” hit all the notes well

Whatever the secret sauce was, it was a small-scale but ambitious comedy

The straightest movie Michael Winterbottom has made in a long time

Will remind you simply that it takes all types.

Director Raja Gosnell could've spent 10 more minutes readying this thing though.

Riddickulously entertaining, even with the production budget of Victor Fleming's original test reel of ''Wizard of Oz''

Here the message is over-population and illegal immigration

Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) is a hard working family man. He does his best to provide for his family: wife Grace (Maria Bello), son...

Like the other two films it's talky, but it's for adults, it has a brain as well as a heart, and it's never less than completely authentic

Yep, Travolta and De Niro back-to-back! head-to-head! sharing the marquee!

A riff on the unyielding hillbilly-killer movies

It's glitzy and showy but without much depth – the perfect metaphor for the system that made it, really

As if Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch made a film together

Great stunts, but the film must've been made at the time of a screenwriters strike

Nikita is then forced to decide between saving her beloved Michael or stopping an international incident

It's those 15-year-old boys who'll likely be the only ones who walk away truly satisfied from the "Rim" job

The cast delivers on all cylinders here

An eye-rollingly average “Resident Evil” movie that’s as all-over-the-place as one of its loose-lingering villains

Visually impressive but sadly incredulous, “After Earth” is only redeemed by the performances of the Smith family

James Mangold's "X-Men" spin-off, with its Japan-doused libretto and tales of multi-generational family war, could easily have been "Karate Kid II" but thanks...

This film tells the story of a group of misfits who must band together to win the ultimate college competition. Outcast by the rest...


Check out the first trailer for "Mother's Day", starring Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Timothy Olyphant, Sarah Chalke, Jon Lovitz and Britt Robertson. The film, out...