Adam Frazier chats with creator Rikk Wolf

After an abrupt break, the podcast returns!

Talks "Weekend at Bernies", "Caddyshack II" & "Conception"

The John Gulager directed sequel out in November

Norse God Cody Deal introduces the clip

Chatting with Brand, Jason Winer & Helen Mirren

Live blogging the Oscars

"The Way Back" and "Wasted on the Young" helmers join Clint & Alicia

Special Guest : Derek Phillips ('Billy Riggins')

Clint and Mandy the Publicist with the weekly Podcast

Interviews with Mark Wahlberg, Emma Stone, Claudia Wells & more...

PLUS Nev Schulman from "Catfish" joins us on the line!

Twilight Spider-Man, Cher as Catwoman, Whedon's Sailor Moon

"Breaking Dawn", "I Am Number Four", "Limitless" and more...

With special guest Luke Goss from "Death Race 2"

Clint & Mandy the publicist welcome "TRON" star Cindy Morgan onto the show

Look out Lounge Lizards!

This Week : "Deathly Hallows" and much more

Writer/director of "Red Hill" is on the show this week

Moviehole heads to Hogwarts.. one last time

Allysa Milano as Buffy? Baldwin as Richard Kimble?

Robin McLeavy, Sean Byrne, Tanit Phoenix, Michael Dougherty

Claudia Wells, J.J Cohen, Michael J.Fox, Stephen Clark & more...

Part 1. Sly as the Terminator? Costner as Jack Ryan?

This Week : Richard Gray ("Summer Coda") & Blake Lively ("The Town")

Do you remember these stinky spin-off's!?

"Romy & Michele", "Splash Too!", "The Birds 2"



20th Century Fox is developing a prequel to "The Omen", with Antonio Campos in negotiation to direct. The supernatural horror thriller will be titled "The First Omen" and...
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