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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The Scream Files : Scream 3 (2000)

Revisting and Rexamining the ill-fated sequel

The Scream Files : Scream 2 (1997)

The investigation continues with the 'dark' sequel

The Scream Files : Scream (1996)

Revisiting the entire series

The Cynical Optimist : Incognito Cinema Warriors XP

Adam Frazier chats with creator Rikk Wolf

Hole Cast #21 : Josh Stolberg (Conception, Piranha)

After an abrupt break, the podcast returns!

Clint chats to the legendary Jonathan Silverman

Talks "Weekend at Bernies", "Caddyshack II" & "Conception"

Exclusive : Who are the main meals in Piranha 3DD?

The John Gulager directed sequel out in November

Exclusive : Teaser clip from The Almighty Thor

Norse God Cody Deal introduces the clip

Moviehole visits the set of Russell Brand’s Arthur

Chatting with Brand, Jason Winer & Helen Mirren

Oscars 2011 : Announcing the Winners here as they’re called!

Live blogging the Oscars

Hole Cast #19 : Peter Weir, Ben C.Lucas

"The Way Back" and "Wasted on the Young" helmers join Clint & Alicia

Hole Cast #18 : Friday Night Lights Special

Special Guest : Derek Phillips ('Billy Riggins')

Hole Cast #17 : Stephen Frears

Clint and Mandy the Publicist with the weekly Podcast

Hole Cast #16 : Best Of

Interviews with Mark Wahlberg, Emma Stone, Claudia Wells & more...

Holecast #15 : 2011 Movie Preview

PLUS Nev Schulman from "Catfish" joins us on the line!

20 of the web’s best bogus movie rumours

Twilight Spider-Man, Cher as Catwoman, Whedon's Sailor Moon

2011 Preview : Books Turned Movies

"Breaking Dawn", "I Am Number Four", "Limitless" and more...

Hole Cast #14 : Xmas Special

With special guest Luke Goss from "Death Race 2"

Hole Cast #13 : TRON

Clint & Mandy the publicist welcome "TRON" star Cindy Morgan onto the show

20 Direct-to-DVD Movies Coming in 2011

Look out Lounge Lizards!

Hole Cast #12 : Harry Potter

This Week : "Deathly Hallows" and much more

Hole Cast #11 – Patrick Hughes (Red Hill)

Writer/director of "Red Hill" is on the show this week

Set Visit : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Moviehole heads to Hogwarts.. one last time

50 Original Casting Choices – Part 2

Allysa Milano as Buffy? Baldwin as Richard Kimble?

Hole Cast #9 – Horror Special

Robin McLeavy, Sean Byrne, Tanit Phoenix, Michael Dougherty

Hole Cast #8 – Back to the Future Special

Claudia Wells, J.J Cohen, Michael J.Fox, Stephen Clark & more...

50 Original Casting Choices

Part 1. Sly as the Terminator? Costner as Jack Ryan?


Fate of the Furious has a whopping run time!

The next "Fast & Furious" film won't be one for weak bladders and wiggly butts. According to Cinemarx.Ro (via The IMDb), "The Fate of the...