Part 2 of 2. "Daredevil 2". "Good Morning Chicago". "Punisher 2".

Part 1 of 2. "Back to the Future 4", "Ghost 2", "E.T 2", "Total Recall 2" & more

Revisiting "RoboCop 2" and "Betsy's Wedding"

The Gremlins and Dick Tracy return!

Leaping back into the DeVille with Eddie Murphy

Get your ass to Mars with Doug Quaid!

Today : Time-Traveling cowboys; Braless Sean Young

Ferrell, Wahlberg, Keaton, McKay & Mendes attend

Talks about her role in "Sucker Punch"

Talks to us about directing "Thor"

Is the female lead of "Thor"

Updated with Clint's two cents on "CD" casting

Back as Agent Coulson in 2011's "Thor"

Talks about directing "The Green Lantern"

Aussie playing the title character in "Thor"

On playing Hal Jordan in "The Green Lantern"

Was said to be up for the lead role in the remake

An actor from Quentin Tarantino's movies

Marvel regains the rights; won't be a "War Zone" sequel

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg talk up the new comedy

Marvel gives audiences their first glimpse of the First Avenger!

Updated with pics from "Avengers" panel

Roger Dorn isn't in David S. Ward's sequel script

James Bond takes on E.T in the newie from Jon Favreau

With Reynolds, Lively, Campbell, Sarsgaard, Strong

Teaser Trailers and Character Posters

One man stabs another with pen over seat!

Independent directors doing a chapter each

William Lustig's 1980 horror classic

"Hurt Locker" Oscar Nominee, a Superhero!



A new teaser for the upcoming "Kickboxer" reboot, "Kickboxer Vengeance" has been released. The film stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dave Bautista, Gina Carano, Georges...

Warners are considering bringing DC title "Teen Titans" to the big screen. JoBlo reports that the film may merge with the Cyborg film that has...

That "Gremlins" reboot we've been hearing about? More sequel than anything - at least according to series star Zach Galligan. Appearing at London's Prince Charles...

The "Prometheus" sequel is a lock to film in Sydney. Ridley Scott was on hand today at a press conference to announce that "Alien...

To celebrate the release of SUCKER, we are giving lucky readers the chance to win tickets to the special Q&A screenings taking place in...