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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Exclusive : Desperately Seeking Pie Mom

"Susan" star Rosanna Arquette joins the latest "American Pie" movie

Scott on Piranha 3-D

Excited about working on the remake of the classic 1978 Joe Dante pic

Exclusive : Olsen was Greatest American Hero

Actor "booked" Ralph Hinkley role in feature film version of TV series

Update : Tara Reid no longer in American Pie?

Wait!? So Tara has already dropped out!?

Exclusive : Shue’s Fish Cocktail

Rumours involving Elisabeth Shue and "Piranha 3D" are true!

Exclusive : Watson in Ratner’s Cop House

Reuniting with the "Prison Break" executive producer for new comedy

Exclusive : Jolie talks resume for Sin City 2

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller offer her female lead

Exclusive : Daniels boards The Expendables

"Tekken" star to play villain in Sylvester Stallone's all-star action blockbuster

Exclusive : Dano on Wild Things

And updates on the "Gigantic" star's upcoming projects

Exclusive : More Expendables Cast?

Sylvester Stallone roping in a few famous fighters for his new movie

Exclusive : What’s up with Footloose?

Is the project dead now that Zac Efron has left?

Exclusive : Terminator’s Salvation

''The ending doesn't resemble the previous one in any shape or form'' we're told.

Exclusive : Lundgren one of The Throwaways?

Homeless people mysteriously disappearing from the streets of New York City

Exclusive : Earth Stood Still star joins V

Playing the recurring role of George in the ABC's pilot reboot

Exclusive : Sanderson on Deadwood telemovies

"it would have been nice to wrap up the story for the fans of Deadwood” he says

Exclusive : Efron talks Jonny Quest

Has been linked to star opposite The Rock in live-action version

Exclusive : An Alias Smith and Jones movie?

Owen Wilson tells UK radio station he's toying with the idea

Exclusive : No more Basic Instinct for C2

2006's "Basic Instinct 2" killed the franchise, says producer

13 Rounds in Cena’s future?

Wrestler cum actor also keen for a spot in Rodriguez's "Predator" reboot

More Hot Tub Time Machine Details!

Additional characters being cast; More storyline details

Chewy joins Salt [Updated!]

"Serenity" and "Children of Men" star joining Columbia's "Salt"

Liev Schreiber eyes Salt [Updated!]

We now have details on his character...

“We’ll never see Watchmen 2”, says Morgan

But the actor would sure like to see Snyder's "Dark Knight Returns"

Long keen for Die Hard 5

Would love to work with Mary Elizabeth Winstead again on another sequel

Vinnie Jones in Smokin’ Aces 2!

And a Tremor Brother confirmed as returning!

Smokin prequel adds two more

P.J Pesce-directed film shooting later this month in Vancouver

Casting News for Aces sequel

P.J Pesce-directed sequel recruits original characters

Producer talks Crow remake

Most believes Stephen Norrington is the best man for the job

Rob Schneider on his upcoming projects

"The Chosen One", "The Last Man" and a possible "Big Stan 2"?

Noyce doing Above Suspicion? Yes, but…

And an update on Noyce's upcoming projects, including "Dirt Music"


Fillion, Robbie & Adams for Wizard of Oz prequel?

Nathan Fillion, Margot Robbie and Amy Adams are being sought for a new prequel to classic "Wizard of Oz". RAMstar Studios "How the Wizard Came...