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Friday, February 24, 2017


Exclusive : Who’s Who in The Karate Kid?

Story details on Will Smith's remake of the 1984 classic

Production begins on I Love You Too

Moviehole talks to the cast of the new Australian rom-com

Producer talks Condition Dead 3-D

A new 3-D movie from Patrick Lussier, Joel Soisson, Dave Davis... and Clint Morris!?

Exclusive : Jenna Jameson talks new movie!

Porn Goddess talks about her new 'mainstream' movie with Ian Somerhalder!

Exclusive : Piddock to Get him to the Greek

British actor cast in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" spin-off

Exclusive : Desperately Seeking Pie Mom

"Susan" star Rosanna Arquette joins the latest "American Pie" movie

Scott on Piranha 3-D

Excited about working on the remake of the classic 1978 Joe Dante pic

Exclusive : Olsen was Greatest American Hero

Actor "booked" Ralph Hinkley role in feature film version of TV series

Update : Tara Reid no longer in American Pie?

Wait!? So Tara has already dropped out!?

Exclusive : Shue’s Fish Cocktail

Rumours involving Elisabeth Shue and "Piranha 3D" are true!

Exclusive : Watson in Ratner’s Cop House

Reuniting with the "Prison Break" executive producer for new comedy

Exclusive : Jolie talks resume for Sin City 2

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller offer her female lead

Exclusive : Daniels boards The Expendables

"Tekken" star to play villain in Sylvester Stallone's all-star action blockbuster

Exclusive : Dano on Wild Things

And updates on the "Gigantic" star's upcoming projects

Exclusive : More Expendables Cast?

Sylvester Stallone roping in a few famous fighters for his new movie

Exclusive : What’s up with Footloose?

Is the project dead now that Zac Efron has left?

Exclusive : Terminator’s Salvation

''The ending doesn't resemble the previous one in any shape or form'' we're told.

Exclusive : Lundgren one of The Throwaways?

Homeless people mysteriously disappearing from the streets of New York City

Exclusive : Earth Stood Still star joins V

Playing the recurring role of George in the ABC's pilot reboot

Exclusive : Sanderson on Deadwood telemovies

"it would have been nice to wrap up the story for the fans of Deadwood” he says

Exclusive : Efron talks Jonny Quest

Has been linked to star opposite The Rock in live-action version

Exclusive : An Alias Smith and Jones movie?

Owen Wilson tells UK radio station he's toying with the idea

Exclusive : No more Basic Instinct for C2

2006's "Basic Instinct 2" killed the franchise, says producer

13 Rounds in Cena’s future?

Wrestler cum actor also keen for a spot in Rodriguez's "Predator" reboot

More Hot Tub Time Machine Details!

Additional characters being cast; More storyline details

Chewy joins Salt [Updated!]

"Serenity" and "Children of Men" star joining Columbia's "Salt"

Liev Schreiber eyes Salt [Updated!]

We now have details on his character...

“We’ll never see Watchmen 2”, says Morgan

But the actor would sure like to see Snyder's "Dark Knight Returns"

Long keen for Die Hard 5

Would love to work with Mary Elizabeth Winstead again on another sequel

Vinnie Jones in Smokin’ Aces 2!

And a Tremor Brother confirmed as returning!


Starz announces American Gods premiere date

Starz announced today that the highly-anticipated eight-episode first season of FremantleMedia North America produced STARZ Original Series "American Gods," adapted from Neil Gaiman's acclaimed...