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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Exclusive : Bully ‘Harley’ returns for Girl Meets World

He was the bane of Cory's (Ben Savage) existence throughout most of Season 2

Exclusive : Bad Ass 2 Storyline, Shooting details

Taking a cue from the first act of "Beverly Hills Cop"

Exclusive : Character, Story details for Sandler & Barrymore reunion Blended

At present, producers are on the hunt for young actors to play Lauren's kids, Brendan & Tyler, and also Ginger, an Asian trophy wife.

Exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Hitchcock DVD and Blu-ray

Moviehole has been provided with an exclusive clip from Sacha Gervasi's "Hitchcock"

Exclusive : Death Race duo reunite for AWOL

Luke Goss stars as a marine, equipped with the kind of secret government information that the authorities and the bad guys would kill to get their hands on, on the run.

Exclusive : Jack Thompson takes on Bonnie & Clyde

The Lifetime/A&E mini-series has already attracted William Hurt and Holly Hunter to its ensemble.

Territory Exclusive : Jack the Giant Slayer Trailer Debut

Warner Bros has given Moviehole the honor of hosting the territory exclusive trailer for "Jack the Giant Slayer".

Exclusive : What are the chances of an X-Files 3?

Sandi Hicks talks to Gillian Anderson and Frank Spotnitz about the highly-anticipated third feature film in the "X-Files" movie saga

Exclusive : Minka Kelly to join Giovanni Ribisi in Papa pic

Former Dillon Cheerleader Minka Kelly ("Friday Night Lights", "Parenthood") will star opposite Giovanni Ribisi in director/producer Bob Yari's adaptation of the off-Broadway play "Papa".

Exclusive : Casting scoops on Grudge Match, Blood of Redemption, Rivers

Grudge Match The very busy Dane Rhodes, currently seen as Tennessee Redfish in "Django Unchained", has joined the cast of "Grudge Match" starring Sylvester Stallone...

Exclusive : Lundgren on Rescue 3 series; filming begins in April

Dolph Lundgren will begin filming the recently-announced TV series "Rescue 3" in April, the "Universal Soldier : Day of Reckoning" star tells Moviehole. The...

Exclusive : Reilly, Silverman and Moore on Wreck-It Ralph 2

Caught up with the always-fab John C.Reilly, who I've interviewed a few times now, and that loveable larrikan Sarah Silverman, yesterday who are in...

Exclusive : Ben Mendlesohn reunites with Ryan Gosling for Monster movie

Ben Mendelsohn will join Christina Hendricks in Ryan Gosling's directing debut, "How to Catch a Monster". Mendelsohn worked with Gosling on "The Place Beyond the...

Exclusive : Another original Star Wars trilogy character in Arndt’s sequel trilogy treatment

Trying to squeeze info out of current and/or former Lucasfilm employees on the new "Star Wars" trilogy is ostensibly harder than a set-dresser on...

Exclusive : Toy Story 3 director on Arndt’s Star Wars involvement; Disney’s Jedi Academy...

This morning, news rolled down the coaxial wire suggesting that "Toy Story 3" co-writer Michael Arndt had possibly been secret rely working on a...

Exclusive : Dolph Lundgren in a Rush

Giorgio Serafini is in talks to direct "Rush", an L.A-set crime thriller headlined by Dolph Lundgren. The Voltage Pictures production has also enlisted Randy Couture,...

Exclusive : Anderson on Boogie Nights 2 : Dirk Diggler’s Dead Now.

With this boob jiggling world seemingly inching closer to a pop-up apocalypse, the question of "Wonder if Paul Thomas Anderson has ever considered doing...

Exclusive : Machete’s Seagal and Trejo announce a rematch

Last seen going knife-to-knife in "Machete", Danny Trejo and Steven Seagal have agreed to reunite for "Forces of Execution", a new Keoni Waxman ("Maximum...

Exclusive : Giovanni Ribisi hanging with Hemingway in Papa

A few years back, I recall Roger Donaldson - director of such flicks as "The World's Fastest Indian" and, I gotta say, everyone's favourite...

Exclusive : Ewan McGregor, Evan Rachel Wood in Marina Nemat Biopic

Ewan McGregor and Evan Rachel Wood are in talks for "The Prince of Tehran", a Kari Skogland-directed piece that'll be a fat focus at...

Exclusive : Anna Kendrick to star in musical The Last 5 Years

The film mightn't have set the box office aflame like many predicted it would (based on those early word-of-mouth screenings that the distributor participated...

Exclusive : Lerman, Hutcherson circle The Bluff

A tweenage version of "The Hangover", about some kids getting up to mischief in Las Vegas

Exclusive : Bettany, Goode set for watery war tale Destroyer

The film tells the true story of Navy Captain David Hart Dyke and his crew as they're led into the tense, unpredictable path of war

Exclusive : Del Toro talks Jackie Boy reprise for Sin City : A Dame...

Plus a title change and update on the actor's forthcoming project from Arnaud Desplechin

Exclusive : Patricia Arquette is the Woman on a Train

The star of TV's "Medium" plays a woman scorned, out to even the score against her unfaithful husband, in new Lisa Zane picture

Exclusive : Ed Harris joins Renee Zellweger’s directorial debut 4 1/2 Minutes

The "Appaloosa" star will play Johnny Knoxville's junkyard-owner father in the movie

Exclusive : The Terminator 5 that might have been

At present, no version of "Terminator 5" is looking likely. Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to have gone cold on the idea of reprising the T-800.

Australian Exclusive Clip from Paranormal Activity 4

Scare yourself silly with this new clip from the highly-anticipated third sequel to "Paranormal Activity"

Exclusive : Skarsgard/Booth comic-book movie a go!

"Stronghold", based on the 2000 A.D comic book by Paul Finch about Knights that take on Zombies!

Exclusive : Nu Image, Florentine reunite for Ninja sequel

Scott Adkins to reprise his role as Casey, a westerner in the big city to reclaim a legendary treasure


Fate of the Furious has a whopping run time!

The next "Fast & Furious" film won't be one for weak bladders and wiggly butts. According to Cinemarx.Ro (via The IMDb), "The Fate of the...