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Monday, February 20, 2017


Exclusive : Disney considering resurrecting Condorman

Paging Robert Pattinson and gifted stuntmen for a reboot of the 1981 superhero adventure film!

Exclusive : Armie Hammer back on WB’s radar for Batman

The Caped Crusader will be reintroduced in the "Justice League of America" movie

Danny Trejo becomes a Zombie Hunter

Trejo, recently wrapped on "Machete Kills", plays the undead-hating Father Jesus in the pic.

Cole Hauser and Ron Perlman in a remake of The Virginian

Best remembered as a TV series, the tale tells of a ranch foreman named South who makes it his responsibility to find the rustlers who have been decimating his employers operation

Men in Tights writer turns his attention to spoofing King Arthur!

"Knights" will be a politically incorrect and absurdly zany look at the sword-wielding Knights of the Round Table

Exclusive : Sinatra and Gardner Movie In Development

Fountainhead Productions, who have links to Simon West, are seeking scripts

House Party reboot films next month in South Africa

"House Party : Tonight's the Night" will be one of the final films produced through WB's recently-abandoned Warner Premiere label

Exclusive : Wrestlers needed for Foxcatcher shoot beginning October

Steve Carell plays John du Pont, a stamp-collecting, paranoid schizophrenic with an endless supply of money and a murder to his credits

Andrew Traucki talks The Jungle; Teaser Art Revealed

''The film is really a 3 hander and they are all relatively unknown cast''

Set Visit : Kath & Kimderella

Moviehole heads to Eltham, Italy to meet the cast and crew of the first "Kath & Kim" movie

Exclusive : Feige on Item 47 and The Avengers Blu-ray and DVD

Fiege says "The Avengers" Blu-ray was quite an undertaking; it's packed with stuff - besides the new short film.

Exclusive : Story, Character details for Hannibal

Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Hugh Dancy as Agent Will Graham

Exclusive : Zamm direcing Uni’s Little Rascals reboot

The new Alfalfa, Buckwheat, and so on, will be before the cameras in September

Jersey Boys movie begins casting for a January 2013 start

Based on the stage play of the same name

Exclusive : Species 2 helmer bringing The Hidden to the big screen

"Cracked" tells of a young amnesiac woman who is the main suspect in a series of gruesome murders

Exclusive : Will Bell and Bond’s M join Winter Queen?

Milla Jovovovich stars in the action-adventure, lensing in September

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura wants Mark Wahlberg to play the Neuromancer

"Nobody has officially signed for the project, but the offers are on the table", we were informed overnight

Territory Exclusive : Cloud Atlas First Look, Stills Gallery & Director’s Commentary

Earlier today, we got our first visual squiz at Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and a Green Room's worth of other famous faces in the...

Moviehole with Hugh Jackman in Sydney for The Wolverine launch

Producers of "The Wolverine" are still keeping quiet on who will play Viper when filming starts next week, but reports Jessica Biel pulled out...

Exclusive : Lung talks Crave, Lowe talks Two Mothers at the Dark Knight Rises...

Upcoming movie talk from the Sydney premiere of Batman's latest

Comedian Burleigh to play Charlie Sheen

Comedian Dave Burleigh will play Charlie Sheen in a madcap new skit-flick called "Not Another Celebrity Movie". The flick sees Sheen teaming with some celebrity...

Exclusive : Disney developing sequel to Hocus Pocus

"Rise of the Elderwitch" follows 1993 comedy with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as three vacuum-riding witches doing battle with trick or treaters on their night of their resurrection

Exclusive : Clint’s got the Presidential detail on Olympus Has Fallen

Character and Concept details for Antoine Fuqua's "Die Hard in the White House" thriller

Exclusive : Some new rogues and reveals for Kick-Ass 2

We've a couple of fresh details on what you can expect in the Jeff Wadlow-directed sequel

Exclusive : Nicolas Cage may seek justice again in Tokarev

A man's daughter is kidnapped

Exclusive : Rourke, Hill may ride into The Storm

A young deputy takes on Whiplash!

Exclusive : Jonathan LaPaglia on the possibility of a Seven Days movie

He would be interested, but would the studio?

Exclusive : Buffy’s Landau boards Where the Road Runs Out

Playing an English missionary in West Africa


Angela Lansbury joins Disney movie remake!

The legend that is Angela Lansbury has been cast as the Balloon Lady in Disney's "Mary Poppins Returns", the studio has announced. Lansbury, a beloved...