Before the first season has even aired in the states

Asylum's Mockbuster take on "Vampire Hunter"

Imagine if "Parenthood" was told by Anne Rice

Domain renewal may suggest a Gizmo return in the near future...

And "Top Gun 2" sounds like it's a sure-thing, too.

Plays "the old codger" in new Chiklis/Whitaker thriller

New 'Max' Tom Hardy is "quite something", says the filmmaker

Who is the villain of the new film?

The 'passing the torch' idea went down by the wayside

10 things you'll wanna know about the film

Show's executive producer tells it like it is

His new comedy with Ferrell and Galifianakis

May Contain Language Your Grandma Won't Appreciate

Stamp joins Aaron Eckhart in J.M Barrie twist

"50-foot Cheerleader", "Lancelot", new Rourke/Scott project...

Biel, Silverman, Wilde, Monaghan, Greer in mix already

A separate project from the Sony/Aaron Sorkin picture

Mandy also drops by to talk flicks

Moviehole's Podcast returns after a lengthy break

"Hunger Games" star may do "Timeless"

Director of "The Phantom" and "The Cup" on what's next

"Footloose" director on his reboot of the jungle man story

3D or 2D, filming locations, the tone and more...

Denzel Washington stars as a heroic airline pilot



Netflix has given a second season order to "The Ranch", starring Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliott and Danny Masterson. The show premiered on the streaming service on April 1,...
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