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Sunday, December 4, 2016


Exclusive : Last Picture Show‘s Bogdanovich, Shepherd off to Westworld?

A town is converted into an old-west amusement park

Exclusive : Rock of Ages back before the cameras next week

New characters being woven into the picture

Exclusive : Narc sequel could happen, A-Team 2 won’t be

Carnahan and Neeson say the plan didn't come together

Exclusive : Steven Seagal’s True Justice gets a second season

Before the first season has even aired in the states

Exclusive : Casting begins for…Abraham Lincoln V Zombies!

Asylum's Mockbuster take on "Vampire Hunter"

Exclusive : The 411 on the new Munsters’ series

Imagine if "Parenthood" was told by Anne Rice

Exclusive : Has Warner decided to do Gremlins 3!?

Domain renewal may suggest a Gizmo return in the near future...

Exclusive : Skydance wants Mission : Impossible 5 asap!

And "Top Gun 2" sounds like it's a sure-thing, too.

Exclusive : Lang talks Avatar sequels, Pawn

Plays "the old codger" in new Chiklis/Whitaker thriller

Exclusive : Miller’s confident Mad Max will be before the cameras “middle of next...

New 'Max' Tom Hardy is "quite something", says the filmmaker

Exclusive: Some Spooky Spoilerish Story Details on The Evil Dead Remake

Who is the villain of the new film?

Exclusive : Pegg, Bird on Mission : Impossible 5; Tom Cruise not retiring Ethan...

The 'passing the torch' idea went down by the wayside

Exclusive : Where’s the Simpson’s Movie sequel at?

Show's executive producer tells it like it is

Exclusive : Josh Lawson spills the beans on Dog Fight

His new comedy with Ferrell and Galifianakis

Exclusive : New clip from Matthew Goode starrer Burning Man

May Contain Language Your Grandma Won't Appreciate

Exclusive : General Zod teams with The Lost Boys for Pan

Stamp joins Aaron Eckhart in J.M Barrie twist

Exclusive : Some of the new films to be unveiled at AFM next week...

"50-foot Cheerleader", "Lancelot", new Rourke/Scott project...

Exclusive : Further casting updates for Burt Wonderstone

Biel, Silverman, Wilde, Monaghan, Greer in mix already

Exclusive : First Steve Jobs biopic ready to go for January 2012…

A separate project from the Sony/Aaron Sorkin picture

Hole Cast : David Ellis, Taylor Lautner, The Avengers

Moviehole's Podcast returns after a lengthy break



Check out Jyn’s Blaster in a new Rogue One clip

A new clip from the upcoming "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" has debuted, featuring Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor and the new droid K-2SO. Starring Felicity...