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Monday, February 20, 2017


Hole Cast : David Ellis, Taylor Lautner, The Avengers

Moviehole's Podcast returns after a lengthy break

Exclusive : Wincer talks upcoming projects… and those he’s had to leave behind

Director of "The Phantom" and "The Cup" on what's next

Exclusive : Brewer’s Tarzan trilogy not a Tarzan trilogy

"Footloose" director on his reboot of the jungle man story

Exclusive : David R. Ellis talks Kite

3D or 2D, filming locations, the tone and more...

Exclusive : Cheadle, Greenwood join Zemeckis’s Flight

Denzel Washington stars as a heroic airline pilot

Exclusive : Scott Adkins boards The Expendables 2

Reuniting with his "Assassination Games" co-star Jean-Claude Van Damme

Exclusive : Ficarra & Requa talk about their next film with Steve Carell

Plus "Bad Santa 2" and "Crazy Stupid Love 2" updates

Exclusive : One cameo you won’t be seeing in The Muppets

Scheduling difficulties prevented big-time cameo

Exclusive : Another Twilight spoof on the way

Project formerly known as "Full Mooning" gets up

Exclusive : More Expendables 2 casting nuggets

More names rumored for Stallone sequel

Exclusive : Romancing the Stone remake still on?

Heigl, Kitsch, Butler early candidates for leads

Exclusive : No Hunter Killer for Noyce

The Relativity thriller about the rescue of a President

Exclusive : Riddick begins casting; character descriptions

"Pitch Black" sequel finally a go

Exclusive : Terminator, Fast Six Updates

Good news for Sarah Connor and Lucas Black fans

Exclusive : New Character deets for Oz and Bourne Legacy

A burly Aussie vs. Jeremy Renner?

Exclusive : Johnstad rewriting Man of Steel

David Goyer has moved on to "Godzilla"

Exclusive : Morneau directing Universal’s Werewolf

"Bats" helmer howls for reboot

Exclusive : Stovall on Universal Soldier 4, Dragon Eyes

Fight co-ordinator for fight flicks

Moviehole on the set of Horrible Bosses

The new Jason Bateman/Charlie Day/Jason Sudeikis comedy

Exclusive : Feig on the Hamm/McCarthy movie rumour

And a 'sequel' he might be helming

Exclusive : Wolfman rebooted!

Sequel idea goes blunt

Exclusive : Death Race in the Desert

Paul W.S Anderson has written sequel screenplay


Stand By Me retelling for Hulu?

A TV series featuring multiple stories and characters from some of Stephen King's most well-known books is in the works at Hulu. Because it's...