''We're hoping to shoot next year''

"Untouchables" star in the mix

Is trying to score himself the long-gestating project

The 3D sequel was announced earlier this year

Updated with Clint's two cents on "CD" casting

TV "Justice" is coming, Steven Seagal-style!

Garry Marshall directing "New Years Eve"

And we confirm that another "Furious" fave is back

Some inside information on the Singer-produced reboot

Talks "Lost Boys 3 : The Thirst" and Haim

And a little on his abandoned "Batman" project

David S.Ward returning to write and direct

A chat with writer and producer Bob Engels

The original Ariel to cameo in redo?

And Taylor Lautner talks "Stretch Armstrong"

Did she audition for Michael Bay?

it's "even more graphic and disturbing" than the first

''Dwight had a vision of a dark, R rated movie''

More names joining Jason Statham/Clive Owen actioner

The new and returning characters you can expect to see

Would still love to be a part of Justice League

Oscar Winner tells Moviehole she's keen to be involved

Clint talks to the cast and crew of the new Australian romantic comedy

Can you swim? Can you dance? Are you hot?

"Twilight" star Burke aboard Patrick Lussier's next pic

The film's producer confirms remake is on hold

"Chuck" star wants to be Steve Rogers

80s comedy "Weekend at Bernies" resurrected

Writer Jon Hurwitz on the upcoming Paramount comedy

"New Moon" helmer doing "The Gardener" for Summit


Director Mel Gibson's "Hacksaw Ridge" is set to be released on November 4. The World War II film stars Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer,...
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