Colin Farrell, Imogen Poots and more show off "Fright Night"

Relativity ushers out Carrano, Cusack

Spielberg and Jackson talk shop - and "Jurassic Park 4"!

Coolness from the world of Lucasfilm unveiled in San Diego

Videos of Panel, Wake-Up Call, Press Line and More...

Popular comicbook villain makes his screen debut

From the studio that brought you "Dear John" & "Little Fockers"

Ridley Scott's semi-Alien movie; footage, Image, Panel

20 years ago, we rode the waves with Bodhi!

Disney blockbuster out this time 20 years ago

20 years since the T-1000 got melt

Based on the John Grisham novel

Kevin Costner is Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves!


Jeremy Irons, who played Alfred in Warner Bros' "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", will be reprising the role for "Justice League: Part One",...
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