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D23 : Video Interviews with The Avengers cast and crew

Chatting to Hulk, Iron Man, Loki, Black Widow and more!

Previewing the new season of Castle

The fourth season kicks off September 19

The Cynical Optimist hates the new Fright Night

It's just 'shit flying in your face'

Just in! First Pic of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

Come share your thoughts!

Summer 1991 Special : Hot Shots!

Back when Charlie Sheen and Spoof meant something different

Summer 1991 Special : Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Missing for 20 years : Two Wyld Stallions. Reward Offered.

We chat to Fright Night and Total Recall‘s Colin Farrell!

about "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer"!?

The Cynical Optimist vs. Cowboys and Xbox 360 Aliens

The latest hybrid film from the movie factory

Comic-Con 2011 : Snow White and the Huntsman

Twilight's Kristen Stewart returns to Hall H

Comic-Con 2011 : Watch Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man surprise

A heartfelt moment from Friday

Comic-Con 2011: Fright Night

Colin Farrell, Imogen Poots and more show off "Fright Night"

Comic-Con 2011 : The Raven, Haywire

Relativity ushers out Carrano, Cusack

Comic-Con 2011 : The Adventures of Tintin

Spielberg and Jackson talk shop - and "Jurassic Park 4"!

Comic-Con 2011 : Star Wars Deleted Scenes

Coolness from the world of Lucasfilm unveiled in San Diego

Comic Con 2011 : Breaking Dawn

Videos of Panel, Wake-Up Call, Press Line and More...

Comic-Con 2011 : Wolverine 2 villain announced

Popular comicbook villain makes his screen debut

Comic-Con 2011 : Voltron movie announcement

From the studio that brought you "Dear John" & "Little Fockers"

Comic Con 2011 : Prometheus

Ridley Scott's semi-Alien movie; footage, Image, Panel

Summer 1991 Special : Point Break

20 years ago, we rode the waves with Bodhi!

Summer 1991 Special : The Rocketeer

Disney blockbuster out this time 20 years ago

Summer 1991 Special : Terminator 2

20 years since the T-1000 got melt

Exclusive : Story and Character details for The Firm TV series

Based on the John Grisham novel

Reliving the Summer Movie Season of 1991 – Week 4

Kevin Costner is Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves!


Trailer & Poster: Weiner-Dog

Amazon Studios and IFC Films have released the trailer for writer-director Todd Solondz's dark comedy "Wiener-Dog". You can also see the poster below. "Wiener-Dog" will open...